spine json animation

  1. mazimadu

    Question - IDE Are Spine Events Animation Events?

    I was looking at the most recent version of the Beta and found that in the "Other" animations section, there is a new event added under "Animation Update" called "Animation Event". For months I have been wondering if this event is the "Spine events" we have been asking for, where it is...
  2. S

    Spine animation not playing

    I bought spine and I'm just testing it right now. My game literally only has the player sprite and player object. I assigned the JSON file to the sprite, assigned that sprite to the player and in the player step event I only have one line of code skeleton_animation_set("Idle"); I get no errors...
  3. Tim

    Legacy GM Spine (Esoteric Software) and GameMaker intergration

    There has been a bug chillin' in the YoYo Games database for about two years and I am wondering if we might get some traction on it. It is about allowing GameMaker to 'hear' event triggers set into Spine's animation timeline. The bug is here: http://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=16582 If this...
  4. A

    Legacy GM How to scale spine assets?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to learn working with spine assets and bought one from the marketplace. They are working fine so far but they are to big. So I tried to use image_xscale = .1; and image_yscale = .1; but nothing happened. Can anyone tell me how it works to scale these assets? :( Thank you!
  5. W

    import JSON/Spine animation Externally

    Hello, I wonder how I import JSON/Spine animations from "Included Files"? I tryed sprite_add but it only works with PNG images for me, and I have lots os Spine animations in my game so someone please help me out :) Best Regards Wonamik