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  1. huperephanos

    GMS 2.3+ [Spine] Error importing JSON, using 3.7.94

    Hello, all! I've been using GMS2 + Spine for about 6 months now and just ran into an issue for the first time. I'm animating a very simple sprite as I've always done, exporting it the same way I've always done and GMS2 triggers an error when I try to import it, either by dragging and dropping it...
  2. T

    GMS 2 Optimizing SWF Animation (Animate export/GAF)

    *In short, this topic is simply for those who want to stick with Adobe Flash/Animate (instead of spine)* Alright so, me and my team were working on a huge project with tons of swf content made in flash (for mobile devices). At the beginning, we just exported everything from flash to png, loaded...
  3. D

    GMS 2 multiple bounding boxes with Spine animation

    Just a quick question. Is there a way to specify a bounding box for Spine animations when dealing with collision functions? Like, for example, if an object has two bounding boxes (hit box and attack range), is there a way for another object to only react to being attacked if their hit box...
  4. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI of the Opponent Fighting Game (sprites imported from Spine)

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  5. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI [SOLVED]

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  6. A

    Question - Code Weird behavior using skeleton_animation_set_ext

    So basically, when trying to set an animation track via user imput this animation won't play properly, a animation on a secondary track will play properly when set on the create event, but setting it using user imput or an alarm will cause the animation to only play partially...
  7. D

    GMS 2 Spine skeleton attachments question.

    When I make an attachment to a Spine skeleton in GMS2, I need to input the xo, yo, and rotation of the attachment. The issue that I continually face is that I have to keep using trial and error to find out what the coordinates need to be in order for it to look right. And even then it is very...
  8. 2mato

    Graphics Using Spine With GameMaker 1.4

    Hi all, I am using GameMaker 1.4 and it's not the time for me to buy GameMaker 2, but on the same time I would like to use spine pro. I heard that spine don't work good with GM 1.4 and you have to have GM 2, is that true? Will I have issues using spine with GM 1.4? It's a big investment so...
  9. B

    How to add cel-shading to Spine/Json?

    I want to add a cel shading shader to my json in GameMker; is this possible? If so how? EX: http://kencho-dev-blog.blogspot.com/2014/01/cel-shaded-sprites-in-unity3d-43-and.html http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=51337.0 Help:oops:
  10. Dusk_Ealain

    Question - IDE Cannot import Spine files?

    (I'm not sure what prefix to give this, if I chose the wrong one I'm sorry.) Hello everyone, I'm working on a project and am using Spine to create the animations for it. However I can't seem to get any of the animations imported, there's no preview or little side import menu like what is seen...
  11. JasonGames

    Mac OSX Spine .json Import Issue (Get a Permission Error)

    Hey everyone- I've been trying to import the .json file from Spine into GMS2 and just get this- "Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute". The atlas file and .png are also in the same folder. I'm using Spine 3.4.02 and GMS 2.1.3 (both on Mac OS X). Any ideas what could be...
  12. S

    Legacy GM Quick question on Spine and sprite_add

    Simply put, is it possible to use sprite_add or sprite_replace with a Spine2D json? I'm asking because I'd like to support multiple LoDs (level of detail) for the character models in my games, so I can target both decent gaming PCs and maybe one or two mobile platforms (mostly the GPD Win that...
  13. S

    Legacy GM (Spine) Animation event only passes default parameters

    Hey guys, Is this a known bug with GMS 1.4? My animation has two "events", named soundeffect and voiceeffect respectively. Animation Event picks up the event names just fine, but any information they were supposed to pass is not passed at all. If I set a default set of data for the event in the...
  14. J

    Question - Code Spine animation collision issue

    I dont know about you guys but when i import spine animations into game maker 2 the collision system gets wonky. I have a bounding box but it doesn't seem to use it and setting the collision mask to another sprite does nothing. i have a script written to stop the object right before it hits a...

    Android Spine 2d problem (android)

    If the project has an imported spine image, there is a crash when running the application. The devices are Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy s2. But it works well on other devices. ex)Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy s6. I have tried various versions of Spine 2d, All versions have the same problem. Are other...
  16. R

    Windows Can you use the draw event to render spine animations?

    GM Version: 1.4 thinking of upgrading to 2 soon. Target Platform: PC I have an object controller than draws different cards into the game. I can get the draw event to create the card but not animate it. Is it possible to make the spine animation occur through the draw event? If it is does...
  17. F

    Legacy GM Creating a Pause Menu and Spine Animations

    Q1. So we have been using Spine to create animation in our current project. Our problem is this...We have created a pause menu room separate from the current room that the animations are being played in. When the player hits the pause button the game saves and jumps to the pause room. We do this...
  18. D

    Discussion Animation Event example missing

    There is a flaw in the instruction manual for GMS2 (may be also be for GMS1 but I haven't checked). Under the subject "Events" the tab for "Animation Event", the text explains the event but stops after it says "for example,". Would anyone be willing to provide me an example on how to use this...
  19. D

    Discussion GM2 and Spine compatibility

    I'm fiddling around with the trail version of GM2 and I like the interface a lot. However, since it is the trail version, I can't really play around with the advanced features that I really want. One of the major questions I have is how compatible is GM2 with Spine animations? I know that in GM1...
  20. P

    Game Maker 2 change color of single Spine Skeleton attachment

    Hello Guys, I am new to this forum but I have a lot of practise with Game Maker and now with Game Maker 2. I love it. Nevertheless I am using Spine beside Game Maker to animate my characters. I want to have randomized characters with randomized colors but I don't know how to change the color of...