1. Elkrom

    Help with Throwing knives/Stars. Getting projectile to spin mid air

    first time posting here, title says it all really just trying to figure out how to get projectiles to spin mid air. Have figured out how to throw the knife object and collide with enemies and do damage and all that but can’t seem to find any info anywhere on rotating the object mid air. I’m sure...
  2. M4nu

    Rotating a Wheel of Fortune

    Greetings to the GMC! I'm looking into spinning a wheel of fortune with the space bar. I got the constant rotating speed using image_angle and a smooth but rather sudden slowdown of the rotation. As I'm a rookie with the coding, I'm looking for advise on what to do here to have a more realistic...
  3. P

    WCIF Old platformer game?

    I remember playing a platformer made with GameMaker. The rooms would get harder and harder as you kept trying to climb up to the next level, where the room would spin and make you slide off or just flip the room upside or flip the keyboard controls. It had classical(?) music that got faster the...
  4. L

    Asset - Project Wheel of Fortune - Lucky Spin [FREE]

    Hello guys! I'm very happy with the results of the downloads in this my engine. I would like to share here with you too! https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5632/wheel-of-fortune-lucky-spin Thank you very much, do not forget to leave a rating as it is very important for me.
  5. S

    Rotating/Tilting Platforms?

    My platform engine is almost complete and I've been working on one last feature to add: rotating platforms. My platform engine is an imitation of the one used in the New Super Mario Bros. games. To handle slopes, the player object uses a single pixel (in Game Maker, a collision_point at the...
  6. T

    Legacy GM need help with 3d planet position

    im not using any kind of 3d camera only view in room, but object "planet" is on wrong position, this black hole is top border of texture, how can i change postion of object, something like 3d angle, anyone help?
  7. L

    Android Color Bug

    Easy to understand yet very hard and challenging! Match the incoming flower color by tapping on the right time while the spinner spins! Collect diamond to unlock new skin and automatically unlock new bonus! Be the top scorer for this game! Addicting and fun! This game is quite simple...