1. Nallebeorn

    HTML5 Huggernaut – cute platformer with grappling hooks

    In Huggernaut, you can't jump. But that's no big deal. Not when you've got a grappling hook! A grappling hook you'll make good use of as you try to hug all your friends~! Huggernaut is a cute, colorful and challenging platformer which has you swing around with your hook in 23 levels. Are you...
  2. R

    Steam Free Demo - Darkness Restricted | 27th February 2018

    Hi everyone, Created in my 10x10 room at 22, 7 months and about 600 hours of work later. Darkness Restricted is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics and running at 120 step/second. You are loaded in a simulation that will test and optimize your handgun combat skills. You have to find a USB...