speed change

  1. V

    SOLVED Help with certain acceleration?

    Hey all whom use this forum! I was wondering if someone can help me tackle a problem? I have my acceleration and deceleration working the way I want it. I have a "sprint" button as well. The problem that I'm having is my speed won't decelerate to the desired number, but instead jump to that...
  2. Writerstix77

    GMS 2 slow down when walking through mud (collision)

    I am having some difficulty with collisions. I have a oPlayer who travels at a speed of 8, but I want him to travel at the speed of 4 when walking through mud. My intent is that oMud makes the players speed reduced, until no long walking in mud, at which point it returns to normal. Here are...
  3. qbot21

    GMS 2 Changing Player's movement speed depending on direction

    Hello :) Im working on TDS prototype with a bit tactical approach. What I want to achieve, is that Player's speed is reduced, when he is moving backwards and making sidesteps depending on direction he is facing. Sadly I cannot solve it by myself. Im using point_direction to allow mouse aim...