1. XirmiX

    Forum Game A sentence that goes in a certain direction, but then I have headphones

    If the title hasn't given it off already: do you ever start writing a relatively long sentence or a paragraph and then lose your train of thought in the middle of it... so you decide to write write something random to end it? M-me too... if yes? I'm sure there's a proper term for this type of...
  2. Just a game programmer

    GML Sprite subimage relating to text

    In my game I have a speech box, and the speech is controlled by a sprite (eg. the first sentence is sub-image 0 in the sprite, the 2nd is sub-image 1 etc...). When the player presses enter, the sprite moves on to the next sub-image. There is also a headBox object that shows the head of the...
  3. Master Maker

    Legacy GM Help!

    I'm needing help, and have been wondering if it even is possible, to code a speech to text engine in game maker to turn speech picked up on a mic into text, and vice versa.
  4. P

    Game Mechanics Noob Requests help #1: Simple cut scenes.

    Hey there! So, i'm relatively new to GameMaker. Having followed Shaun's tutorial on Asteroid, and a few other tutorials. However, I have no background in coding so I'm still not too well versed in GameMaker or it's Mechanics. That being said I'm developing a simple little plat former as my...
  5. Zhe73

    Legacy GM 3D Sound want play

    Hey Guys, today I bought the GM Pro Version and built a 3D Sound Code. I have done one emitter for a background sound and it works perfectly. And I build another emitter for an enemy and this enemy plays some sound very well in 3D, but I made some robotic speech samples, they wont play in 3D. I...
  6. Dan1

    Android Speech Recognition

    Hey :) Is there an extension or some sort of scripting that can be used with GM:Studio to recognise speech input on an android device? This would be for a quiz-style game and saying the answers would be much more entertaining than typing them in! Thanks in advance, Dan