1. PeXi81

    Spawning collectibles on the walls...

    Hello! I created a simple topdown sample game where player have to collect coins. But when the coins spawn...they could spawn on the wall objects as well and if there is not wall they could spawn off the screen. That's not good but how to fix that? Here's the code for spawning: //Spawn Coins...
  2. 2

    Most CPU Efficient/Fastest Method for Recording 1000s of Instances to "Grid"

    I'm planning on making a spawning/despawning system. Because the initial data grab is likely increase lag/load time to start the level I need to know the fastest way of grabbing whether a desired object (or it's child) is at grid intervals and 4-5 of it's user made variables. The lists must be...
  3. WasabiHeat

    SOLVED creating an object at the tip of a rotating object

    I've been learning GMS with Shaun Spalding's platformer tutorial (big props it's some good stuff) but one thing he did kind of irks me and it's that the bullets fired from the player character's gun are created at the origin of the gun instead of at the tip of it. With the way he coded the game...
  4. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Area Spawning

    Hey everyone! So I'm working on our third GM game and needed a problem solved. Not sure if I did it right but it works for my purposes. We wanted destructable ground tiles but placing 8x8 px tiles all over the place was a pain. I build this simple object spawner. You place a ground marker in...
  5. A

    Randomly Spawned Enemys

    I am attempting to get randomly spawned enemys within a 1920x1080 room, but every tutorial/forum i have visited was pretty old and none worked. if somebody has a script, please let me know.
  6. S

    Spawning 1-5 Random Objects Every 30 minutes (solved)

    Okay so, my intent is this: At the start of the game, 1-5 Objects (monsters, its a monster game) spawn randomly out of a set of 50 (right now only 2 test objects though). ((it also might be helpful to know that its a set of 50 for day and another set of 50 for night, running hopefully in real...
  7. T

    Drag And Drop Spawn objects from middle top of a object

    Hi I am kind of new to programming and I am trying to make cubes spawn randomly from center top of an object/sprite, so this is what I currently have... and here is the code for the object that I want to spawn... but it end up spawning the cubes a bit to the right of the object and not in the...
  8. giraffeman210

    Instance Help DnD

    I am working on a game using drag and drop. In my game instances spawn at random and then roam until destroyed. I would like these spawned enemies to shoot a bullet object in whatever random direction they are facing but I don't know how to do that without the bullets moving in the direction of...
  9. Atbit

    GML [SOLVED] Enemy spawning

    So, I have a problem with a very simple enemy spawner. I created a object spawner with alarm[0] which looks like that: in "Create": spawnrate = 100; alarm[0] = spawnrate; in "Alarm 0": instance_create_layer(random(x), random(y), "enemy_layer",en_spawn) alarm[0] = spawnrate; and in "Alarm...
  10. S

    Persistent gun and random generation map

    hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, so apologies for any noob issues. I'm currently using a lot of the code from Heartbeast's wonderful YouTube series on randomly generated maps. The issue I'm having is that the player is spawned on each new level and the gun they possess when they complete the...
  11. J

    GMS 2 Object Random spawn locations

    I have put a chest in my game, when opened it drops potions and gold. I am trying to make them spawn randomly around the chest when opened but they always spawn in the same place. this is the code I am using for when the player presses "F" near the chest. if (distance_to_object(oPlayer) < 32 )...
  12. J

    Legacy GM Alarm doesn't work?!

    I don't understand, why the spikeballs aren't spawning 20 pixels above JOHN. Please help me, I can't continue programming... Thank you :)
  13. S

    How to check if there is an object before spawning an enemy!!!

    Hello! So I have a problem with my enemies spawning on items and each other, and not being able to move. Can someone show me the code to check if there is not an object in the way before spawning the enemy? I know it’s simple, but I’m self taught. Thanks for your time!
  14. yvodlyn

    GML Spawning With Timelines

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a spawning system with timelines. I thought it was easy but I was wrong. I wonder if anyone has an idea to fix the code or can offer me an advanced wave-spawning system code. The first condition in my code works but the second one never executes. Here the...
  15. Jrguy

    Help me please!

    Help! I can't solve this problem I'm having where an enemy spawns another enemy when he is on screen but its not working! This is the code. Create Event spawn = false; Step Event /// Go after the player if !spawn { // Check to see if the player is near if collision_circle(x, y, 390...
  16. P

    GMS 2 Limiting spawn rate of enemies?

    I'm creating a platform shooter in the trial version of GameMaker Studio 2 based off of HeartBeast's Platform Shooter series. I would like to create my own custom enemy spawning system, but I've run into a problem. Basically, I have a spawner object in my room that I've set two alarm events for...
  17. V

    RPG first person enemy spawn fight

    Hey there!! Sort of having trouble on making a first person dungeon crawler game. Basically I want to make my enemy spawn in front of the player as in these games but having trouble calling out the enemies to appear or even switch to a scene of a new area with a better background but random...
  18. F

    Create an object during Quest

    Greetings, I am new with game maker and I try to make a simle rpg test game. I want to create an object in a specific location of the map IF the player interact with specific NPC. To do that I was following a youtube instructional video but I discovery a bug on it. I will post here the code I...
  19. A

    random spawn obj scale

    if you make a random spawn obj that spawns random sizes how do u make the obj horizontal size match vertical size wen spawning randomly different sizes?
  20. B

    Random spawning makes objects end up on top of other objects

    Hello everyone, I don't have a lot of experience in using game maker yet, so I hope you can help me out with the following problem. I am making a game in which a person in walking around in a supermarket and gains points by colliding with healthy foods and loses points by colliding with junk...