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  1. xS89Deepx

    Zombie spawner

    I'm making a zombie game and zombie only spawns in 4 directions, check the image below... //here my code for zombie spawns obj_zombie_spawner create event - alarm[0] = 100; global.level = 0; alarm[0] event - if (instance_number(obj_zombie) < 3) { repeat (1 + global.level) {...
  2. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Area Spawning

    Hey everyone! So I'm working on our third GM game and needed a problem solved. Not sure if I did it right but it works for my purposes. We wanted destructable ground tiles but placing 8x8 px tiles all over the place was a pain. I build this simple object spawner. You place a ground marker in...
  3. DarthTenebris

    Windows Enemy Spawner Logic

    Hello everyone, Currently working on an idea that I have and it involves spawners as a method to bring in enemies. However I don't seem to be able to work out the logic on how to do so. Create Event: ros = room_speed * 5; minRange = 64 * 2; maxRange = 64 * 4; minSpawn = 1; maxSpawn = 4...
  4. LanderMiskolczi

    Legacy GM Game Freezes thanks to enemy Spawner

    So My game freezes, Idk if my game is stuck in a loop or something else, Can I have help? It only freezes when enemyCount is equal to 7 OB_SPAWNER Create /// Varabiles enemyCount = 0; ranX = 2; ranY = 2; Alarm[0] (Only has a comment) Step /// Spawn Enemys if (enemyCount <= 25) { if (alarm[0]...
  5. I

    Object Spawning Help

    So for this game I'm doing, I followed GravityShift Games' tutorial on making and Endless Runner but I'm expanding on it. Basically, i have an object that spawns enemies until the players gets to a certain score. Then it stops spawning enemies and spawns a jetpack that essentially triggers the...
  6. P

    Game Spawner System Variable Issue

    I've been working on a school project recently and earlier today when I thought I was done, this message would come up whenever my character tried to enter the spawner zone / area. I'm fairly new and I'm pretty sure this is for the collision with spawner and player code but I can't find the...
  7. V

    Drag And Drop Spawning Enemies at random locations outside room

    Hey guys, so I am using Create Instance to create an Enemy Instance. I've set the X to be chosen between the X co-ordinate of 8 different instances of a spawner object. I've done the same for Y. Now the problem is, enemy instances are sometimes created inside the room since it chooses X and Y...
  8. D

    Legacy GM New to GML Coding and having issues with a bug Fix

    This is my code, it is supposed to spawn 5 asteroids if none are present in the game room. It spawns the initial 5 but none after that. if (!instance_exists(obj_astroid)) { instance_create(random(room_width),random(room_height),obj_astroid)...
  9. T

    Custorm alarm spawning enemies

    Hi there, i am trying to spawn enemies from a custom alarm.I need after the first wave spawn,spawn the second and etc. But after the first nothing happends.How can i modify this? :confused: CREATE event //wave1 wave = 5; alarm[wave] = spawn_rate; spawn_rate = 10...
  10. T

    Wave enemys

    Hi nooby question, i have a working alarm that spawns enemys.How to change after its spawn all enemys and go for alarm 2 who spawn difrent enemys from previous.I am trying to create a level with 3 waves. this is alarm 0 if(asteroid_number < 5) { instance_create_layer(random(650)...
  11. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Object Spawner (spawn in walls)

    So basically I coded a super simple spawner for medkits in my game. I would like to keep it simple. However my problem is that when they spawn, some spawn in open areas (they should do this) and some spawn in the walls and other solid static objects (should NOT do this). My code is below, just...
  12. A

    random spawn obj scale

    if you make a random spawn obj that spawns random sizes how do u make the obj horizontal size match vertical size wen spawning randomly different sizes?
  13. F

    GML [SOLVED] Spawner Code While Loop Crashes - Platformer

    Hello everyone, I have a coding error that I cannot seem to solve by myself so I hope you can help. I have a spawn controller object that runs on an alarm event. There is a step event in the object besides the alarm. While in open areas, the spawn controller works well. However, when entering...
  14. B

    Help with Character selection

    So I am making a character select screen with a box that highlights the selection. the problem that I am having is the spawner I created isn't spawning the character in the next room. //create global.Characterone = false; //step If(global.Characterone = true)...
  15. M

    If you want Spawner, health regen, damage counter...

    Hey budies! If you want to know the codes for a npc spawner or a health regen or damage counter (show the random damage you done) I could share it with you.