1. angusbeer

    Alpha Bloid Invaders

    So i'm kind of new to Game Maker and thought i'd make a Space Invaders clone, just to get the basics of the program down. I'm concerned that some PCs don't run this at 60 FPS like it should do, so I want feedback on how well the game runs for you. Aswell as any other feedback on what you...
  2. Sabnock

    Galaga Clone

    I have been working on a Galaga clone in between other projects and thought i'd share where i am with it. Pics && link
  3. S

     Space Shooter (Work in Progress)

    Name: Space Shooter (Working Title) Genre(s): 2D, Space, Shooter, Arcade, Side-Scroller File Type: Executable, Compressed ZIP Folder Description: Blast and dodge your way through endless waves of asteroids in a 2D arcade-style space shooter that borrows inspiration from games such as...
  4. K

    Orbiting Controls [SOLVED]

    Hello all, so I'm working on a game and I would like to know how to use two keys(A+D, Left + Right arrow) as controls to orbit an object.
  5. HighlandCoo

     DRADIS - Control your ship via typed commands - GREENLIGHT live!

    Hi Everyone! Now live on Greenlight and looking for your votes! This is a little prototype I've been working on, working title "DRADIS". Inspired by the retro-futuristic command line console in "duskers" and investigating the gameplay possibilities of _real_ tactical space warfare, Not the...
  6. Sabnock

    GALAGA ( Cancelled )

    A remake of an absolute classic. one of the most successful arcade games of all time Galaga is a vertical shooter in the vane of space invaders but on steroids. - cursor keys left & right - space fire - R restart room - 1 or 2 jumps to that stage. - ESC exit game update 28/10/2016 done a...
  7. Sabnock

    Windows Another space invaders

    Earth Invaders is the first game in a trilogy of tributes to 80's arcade classics. the others being PAC MAN and Asteroids (i can hear the groans already) :D A remake of a true classic and was my first game coded in GML. I previously posted this on the old forums but I was tidying up some code...
  8. F

    Windows 2D Space Alpha

    Name: 2D Space Alpha Genre: Top Down Shooter Platform: PC Release Date: Unknown Description: (This game is a work in progress.) I plan on adding five different factions in the next update, It's going to take me sometime. Game Features: 1. 8 Direction Movement with Mouse 2. Shooting 3...
  9. N

    Making an enemy shoot in the direction it is facing

    Hi there, I can find plenty of tutorials for how to make an enemy shoot if it facing left or right, or to shoot towards the player. However, I'm making an R-Type style space shooter, and want an enemy to shoot in the direction it is facing at the time. I only have Lite, so am using a rotated...
  10. L

    Android Spaceship Tilt! The intense bullet hell!

    Hey there, didn't join this forum last time, so here i am :) I've made a prototype for bullet hell-y space shooter based on phone tilting, and i kinda need some tester on this one. Currently there's only 2 enemy ship to fight and each ship has different attack. You can shoot after the...