1. P

    Windows Space Rock Destroyer

    SPACE ROCK DESTROYER Alone in deep space, you are forced to fight an ever-increasing amount of asteroids trying to destroy you and your ship. Use the ships boosters to avoid the space rocks, and pick up valuable powers ups that will make the difference between life and death in this arcade...
  2. M

    Asset - Graphics Some FREE space images

    Hi all FREE space Images right here: There is also some awesome explosions (not free but inexpensive ) here: Enjoy! P.S: Let me know if you like this kind of...
  3. Sabnock

    Windows Asteroids 1979 Edition

    Asteroids 1979 edition My aim here was not to make something that is new but to attempt to recreate the original in all aspects. A task that has not been as easy as I first thought. It was purely an exercise for learning GML and programming structure. The challenges were many including not...
  4. Pretorg

    [Solved] Help with space like movement

    Ok, so...i have been trying to make a space like movement meaning that the ship (player obj) would have 4 different motion origins and a 360º movement, so in my case if W is pressed the ship would move (according to the sprite and angle) forward and in order to stop it, it would be needed to...
  5. Imogia Games

    Released SpAliendeR -- retro space shooter

    SpAliendeR Hi there everyone, I recently published my second game, SpAliendeR. It was an old project I decided to finish once and for all before moving on other projects. This a space shooting game. Retro aesthetics, retro feeling but groovy music! Inspired by the classic game, this is a...
  6. A

    Help on speed[SOLVED]

    So in my space game I have been making, the speed boost system is for some reason not working. I have it on a alarm and when the alarm ends, text is drawn notifying the player of the speed boost option[working], and then the player presses shift which should activate the speed boost for about 5...
  7. T

    Released Lightspeed Pilots

    LIghtspeed Pilots Hey. I wanted to make a 2D Space Shooter, so i did! The one and only goal in this game is to get a high score. There are 2 Types of Enemies in this Game: The normal, which has only 1 Shot, and can get hit 2 times before it dies, and the second Type, which shoots 3 Bullets...
  8. T

    Chunk based space generation

    So, I need help with making chunk based generation for my game set in space. I really don't know how to approach it. Main issues: -How to handle non-player objects like asteroids or projectiles leaving loaded chunks -What should I use? An array/buffer/ds_map/something else.
  9. G

    Windows Stations of Blarp

    A brave futuristic adventurer is seeking for treasure and lost technologies inside an nearly endless, huge and very old wreck of a spacestation. Unfortunately the station is populated by nasty and evil aliens wich dont like unannounced invaders ... The levels are randomly generated and increase...
  10. J

     Space Dystopia: PvE Asteroids spin-off, lasers and explosions

    Steam Workshop: ZIP (3rd July 2016): I've been working on this project during my spare time, and it's the first game I'm willing to show to the public. It's not exactly the most original concept...
  11. Jezla

    Beta Cave Lander

    Cave Lander Cave Lander is a twist on the classic Lunar Lander game. Guide your lander deep into the bowels of the planet and land on the pad before your fuel runs out. Be careful! Land too rough and the lander will be damaged, leaving you stranded; miss the pad entirely and your fragile...
  12. V

    Alpha Alter Army: An awesome 2D action-adventure platformer

    Hello everyone, Vague Pixels here! It seems a little bit weird when you see "Vague Pixels", may you think, "What on earth is that!?", so, I am here to solve your that question, and give a good and long description about us!! (it's not too long btw... ;)) So, what is "Vague Pixels"? A...
  13. E

    Alpha Fleets Mockup For Beyond the Stars!

    This is a mockup for everyone to try out! it includes three different scenarios for everyone to try out. one is AI and has no player ship and the other two have player ships for you to control. Even though this is a small game in of itself it is only one piece of the puzzle to creating the full...
  14. L

    Windows Modulus:Phase One

    http://www.mediafire...Combat Devlog - https://forums.tigso...p?topic=45102.0 YouTube channel - 'Modulus Combat Demo' Putting this here as it's time on the old GMC was cut short!(due to death of old GMC) Will (hopefully) soon add a much...
  15. C

    Steam OESE - Space Survival Game

    STEAM LINK OESE is about your little ship, traveling alone through space trying to survive as best as it can to find a new home. Along the journey you come across different encounters with different outcomes depending on your decision. You can either try...