1. Carloskhard

    Collision in a planet with circular gravity

    I'm making a game of space exploration where you should be able to land on little planets. I have the code for gravity and movement based on adding velocity ( no physics) but I can't find a nice collision for a circular planet or any other type of surface where the rocket could land properly and...
  2. S

    can anyone teach me pls?!

    so i realy love this movement how he moves his ships and i want it too but i dont know how. can anyone teach me the full movement with the waypoints and the shooting like like in this video. Video --> the green lines are for movement. the red line is for shooting if he type "for example"...
  3. Kaliam

    GMS 2 Question about sprite drawing at large coordinates

    So I have noticed that if you have an object that is around 2,000,000+ X or Y in a room, you will start to see visual gittering whenever that object is moving or rotating. Image distortion also occurs when an object is drawn at an angle. I'm just curious why this happens and if there is a...
  4. xXenocage

    HTML5 SpaceNight 2!

    SpaceNight II SpaceNight II it's a game that started as a joke with some friends but i kept updating it when it was "done". (not so proud of this "thing") at the beginning it was only just a white arrow shooting at red arrows coming down, now it's a quite badass looking space bullet hell...
  5. M

    Alpha Space Rpg Resource Management

    I'm working on a game called Shielded or something else and I wanted to know what people think. This is the player and so far you can craft, break rocks, walk, so yeah that's pretty much it there is also a terrain generator.
  6. J

    Android Belimadh's Space

    Hello guys, I'm new to video game development, but I've always been delighted with the gamemaker platform, recently I've uploaded the google playstore my first game for the android platform and soon for ios, I'd love for them to take a walk around there and download it Please give me feedback I...
  7. S

    Android Black Ball: In Space

    I'm happy to introduce our new arcade game. Black Ball: In Space, at the moment the app is only available for android. It's an Arcade game We plan to release on iOS soon...
  8. Gillen82

    Windows Asteroids 3000 - Looking Feedback!! - UPDATED

    UPDATE!! Some level progression added Can now use game controller Ammo pickps Removed timer and added lives Added score Can pause game Able to toggle full screen -- based on 16:9 ratio Changed some sprites (still not final, but a bit more variation) - as requested Can turn ship slightly faster...
  9. Jeremy Roberts

    Deeper into Space

    Deeper into Space Deeper into Space is a 2D space shooter with rogue-like elements. The objective of the game is to jump from system to system and survive as long as you can, facing increasingly more dangerous enemies. Features: - Randomly generated systems - Randomly generated planets -...
  10. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] Paid: Create exciting & mysterious space scapes!

    To whom it may concern, I wish to immediately hire an artist to create a variety of interesting, exciting, mysterious and beautiful "space scapes" (backgrounds), for a space-themed game. (Space ships will be flying around in these space scapes) Target size: 1920x1080 Target quantity: minimum...
  11. Fixer90

    Sound effect exceptions? (SOLVED)

    So here's my wonderful textbox system: CREATE EVENT: ///Initialize Textbox if(global.invisible_box == true) { textbox_alpha = 0; } else { textbox_alpha = 1; } textbox_width = 504; textbox_height = 380; textbox_padding = 12; textbox_start = ds_list_create(); ds_list_add(textbox_start...
  12. NazGhuL

    Windows Commander Invader

    This is Commander Invader. I made it for the GMC jam#2, october 2016. The theme was: You are not the hero. I had an instant inspiration for a clone of Space Invaders but playing from the invaders side. This is the 'upgraded' version of the entry. I won't add more features. (After all, Space...
  13. O

    Solved: Bullet Angle Not Correct for Space Shooter

    Hi, I am making an old school stype space shooter and am having issues getting the bullet to come directly out of the tip of the ship AND go in the direct direction the tip is pointed. Right now the bullet direction is close but needs some adjustment. Shoot straight up or down is fine...
  14. M

    Alpha Make it Home - RPG Space Shooter

    Make it Home Is a top-down space shooter game with RPG elements, with skills, quests, NPC characters, ship upgrades and more! - Level up your character, learn and improve your Skills. - Upgrade your ship with different guns and with any configuration you wish! - Campaign story mode - complete...
  15. M

    Android Random spawn distance problem

    Okay, so i have made a spawner that spawns different objects. When the spawn they all go in the same direction with the same space between the objects in one line. When one of the spawned objects are hit all the objects ar going faster (still good). But when the objects are getting faster...
  16. ndaoud360

    Android Prizm - Space Adventure

    This is my new game I made called Prizm. You are a space ship that travels the "procedural generated" open world galaxy with a funny stroyline and you have to destroy planets to save your family and defeat the evil boss. You get ship levels/upgrades/skins and money/exp to buy the upgrades. Quite...
  17. Bingdom

    Android SpaceShip Combat (Free)

    Download (Android) Welcome to Ship Combat! Where all of your space fighting dreams come true! This game features: ~ 4 Game types; ~~ Asteroids - Practice your skills on endless waves of Asteroids! Every new wave will...
  18. O

    HTML5 Light Speed

    Show your skill of spaceship pilot dodging meteors on speed of light The goal is to divert meteors at high speed, trying to reach the speed of light. The player can choose from three spaceships, each has a different speed. The score of the game is similar to Flappy Bird, you play several times...
  19. K

    Orbiting Controls [SOLVED]

    Hello all, so I'm working on a game and I would like to know how to use two keys(A+D, Left + Right arrow) as controls to orbit an object.
  20. Jezla

    Free [Windows] Cave Lander

    CAVE LANDER: A LUNAR LANDING GAME by Jezla Fly the lander through the caves to land on the target pad before your fuel runs out. Avoid hazards such as falling rocks, gas jets, and lava. Land too hard and you'll damage your lander, stranding it in the cave. Points are awarded each mission...