1. D

    Design Your Thoughts on Resource Placement?

    [ Planets are "to scale" with a star system size of 69,632 and planet size of 2048 ] Lots of different map design concepts have been in mind lately. Since I was young, I was usually learning and perfecting map design of 3D, first-person shooter maps. RTS maps seem to follow similar principles...
  2. Carloskhard

    Android Sideral: Space Exploration (Android) [+ Development Blog]

    About the Game: Sideral is a 2D space survival and exploration game With procedural generation of planets and physics system to create a galaxy to explore and conquer. Control the rotation and trust of your ship. Learn to maneuver and land carefully on planets but be careful with gravity...
  3. xXenocage

    Android SpaceNight II!

    a game me and a couple of friends decided to create a game, it started as a game for pc but quickly moved to be playable on android! spacenight is a endless arcade-style space shooter with a lot of enemies and bosses! currently there are over 10 different enemies and 6 bosses in the game...
  4. F

    Windows Gamemaker studio Animator

    there are Running animation & spike animation
  5. jf_knight

    Design Randomly generated galaxy nebulas

    I would like to learn how to render smokey multi-colored nebula clouds without the use of shaders similar to the ones you've seen in Heat Signature. Can anyone link me an example or perhaps a tutorial to learn how to achieve this? I assume it...
  6. W

    The last 110 years of radio... in space!

    Wow, so I came across this website that shows how if any aliens are able to hear our radio station broadcasts this is what they would be hearing right now from distances ranging from earth orbit to 110 light years away, really cool! check it out, the further out you get the more...
  7. andev

    Discussion Screen GUI clutter and management

    I'm personally not a fan of the node style workspace (especially since you can't move panels about on the x axis), I like windows better. Fortunately game maker 2 allows for this! But I just wanted to discuss the way the space is used. For instance, this is what every single window has at the...
  8. S

    Windows OctorSpace [shooter & level editor] : Modified Larger Explosions

    Nine months ago I made OctorSpace. At the time I considered it done as that was all the time I had. Over the past nine months I've found time to work on it here and there. After astro surfing, you have come across a marching band of octopi...
  9. SnotWaffle Studios

     Comet Catch (pre-alpha Windows demo)

    EXE Download Link Description Comet Catch is an arcade-ish game where the main goal is to catch blue comets while avoiding all others. You drag the catcher with the mouse. There are different planets that have different gravity, danger, and types of comets. There is a cheat to test the powerups...
  10. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Questions about "axis scale"

    How far does "axis scale" in GMS go? Is it possible to make your own axis on top of it? Everything that happens within a game needs an area, a sandbox space of coordinates, if you will that will allow things to move around. Well, for one reason, I got curious as for how far a scale can really...
  11. P

    Android Debris, an Arcade shooter

    Hey guys and gals, We have officially released Debris today on the occasion of Indian Independence and we are extremely happy to share it with you! Video: Images: Store Description: The original game remastered to mark its presence more beautifully while keeping the fun in the...
  12. K

    Idea You Guys Have Any Idea To Share?=)

    Hello Friends,Let's Contextualize... I am creating a game called "The Last Shine", initially called "Zero Star", but I changed because the name was very much like the title of the nintendo Star Fox Zero. Well, this is a navy game where the villain of history, Krakkeye (suggests a better name...
  13. W

     Cosmic Base [Graphic update, game name]

    Hey. My nick is Weiner and I would like to introduce my newest project. I am working on two projects (actually three) I posted here, but I am making them in Game Maker Studio 2 and I am stuck because of license. I did not know about objects restriction. So I am working on my GM: S 1.4 project...
  14. F


    Screenshots: Welcome to PLANETARY RIVALS! A nostalgic hommage to the classic space shooters we all played as kids. Re-Play your childhood fun! Although the game is absolutely playable and almost finished, I would like to receive feedback from you guys to improve it even further! Any...
  15. CardinalCoder64

    Free Starblast Alpha - Pong w/ lasers [v1.6.5]

    Starblast Alpha is a 2-D classic arcade video game combining both ping-pong and 2-D shoot ’em ups. Pilot your space ship and blast your way to victory! Dominate enemy forces utilizing your built-in laser blaster and protect yourself with your force field! Obtain the coolest power-ups: The Golden...
  16. Zaxtor99

    Steam Rock 'N Roll - Asteroids Inspired Space Rock Shooter With its Own "Twist"..

    Hello everyone! My first published Game Maker Studio project "Rock 'N Roll" just hit Steam in early access on July 13th! It's available for $2.99 USD with a first week discount as well.. and here is both the link to the Steam page and a link to my official early access launch trailer... Rock...
  17. W

    Drag And Drop spaceship physics GMS2

    background Hi, first of all, I want to say I am new to GMS2, before using GMS2 I used construct 2 in school. I made a game similar to "SPACEWAR!" except never finished it. the game has two spaceships on opposite sides of a star, a player controls one while the second controls the other. next the...
  18. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM Space RTS Collision Discussion

    Hello, I'm working on a space rts kinda game and having difficulty about implementing a collision system. So the ships move towards the pointer but when there is a ship on top of the pointer, the other ships start going ahead then back and repeating that. Basicly, if they don't touch the x and...
  19. K

    Windows Hiko Labyrinth:My First Game!

    Download I made this game last year, 2016, but only now I shared the game here in the Game Maker Community. It's a Very Old School Game, Based on the arcade games of the 80's, Here you take control of Hiko, a genetically modified animal, that together with his partner Niko, control Hiko's...
  20. P

    Android [Beta] Debris

    Hey Everyone, p055ible is working on an intuitive game which both is fun and also creates awareness of current state of our orbits which are crowded with debris. I invite you all to try it out on Google Play beta. Beta link: