1. B

    Released Arena - A 1Bit Spaceship Survival Game

    Welcome to Arena --- a 1-bit spaceship survival game. Play through the campaign to unlock a handful of ship types, each with their own unlockable modifiers. Once unlocked this can be used in the Endless mode. Both modes track two types of highscores: time and points. If you feel any ships have...
  2. Xor

    Windows Flashflight | 3D Amaze Me Jam entry

    A 3D space game about collecting points and avoiding obstacles. Try it yourself here! Here's a gameplay video: And here's the source code: My highscore is 157. Can you beat me?
  3. woodsmoke

    Windows Raum Drive

    Pilot spacecraft through diverse missions containing asteroids, acceleration-fields, teleportation, hyper-boost pickups, and who knows what else! Unlock levels and color palettes. I have been working on this since 2017! It was inspired by Lunar Lander (mainly just the 1-bit look), gameplay ist...
  4. T

    Tethering item system

    Hi I am relatively new to GMS2 and game programming. I am looking for ideas on how to implement a specific type of inventory/item system. In my game I have the player control a space ship and collect items in space. I want to make a system where the inventory of the ship is based on the items...
  5. DauntlessDesign

    Alpha Vanguard Alpha - Space shooter game

    Hello everyone. I joined this group to connect with the GameMaker community, to see what everyone is working on, and to get advice as a novice game maker. I am working on a game called Vanguard Alpha. It is basically a game similar to the classic Asteroids game, but with more features such as...
  6. DreadedDruid

    Android Asteroid Evasion

    Asteroid Evasion is an arcade-style shooter. The objective is to get the highest score possible. There are 8 ships to play, each with my upgrades to unlock. Whether you want a ship thats quick to maneuver through the asteroids, or something powerful to blow up anything in your way, there is...
  7. H

    Windows TOP HAT HERO

    TOP HAT HERO HATS! LASERS! METORS! BOSSES! SPACE CHICKENS?!! TOP HAT HERO is an arcade shooter that is all about distance and high-score. Try to get challenging achievements while getting the TOP score KEY FEATURES Try to obtain all the achievements get the high score get bragging rights Any...
  8. harambe1

    Windows UNLUCID - Eveything is a Simulation

    Demo Link: Hello! This is Unlucid, a Jam game I intend to continue developing in the coming months. I am going for a metroid x megaman feel for the game. All assets are made by me with a help of a friend for music. Right now I only have the initial area since...
  9. KyleRansford

    Steam (Title removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.

    (Removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.
  10. HorseHeadDev

    Released Ace of Space - Available Now, + Free Demo

    Hi everyone! I've released my first game Ace of Space. free demo also available. šŸ“ STORE: Store Link: ABOUT ****************************** Ace of Space is a fast passed arcade top-down space shooter, with tons of guns and customizations...
  11. T

    HTML5 GeoTurret - A top-down space arcade game

    Hi, I am new to GMS2 so this will be my first post and my first game with this great GameMaker engine. I want to present you my current work-in-progress game "GeoTurret", a top-down space arcade game. Main directive of this game is to survive as long as possible by shooting all the geometric...
  12. woodsmoke

    Windows Roger Recoil - shoot to move

    Low gravity environment. Downward shots kick you up into the air. Defend the base for as long as you can. Small prototype game. DOWNLOAD (3MB)
  13. Yuriy

    Windows The War In Space

    Video game trailer Space shooter with a lot of powerups and enemies! You have to hold out for 10 waves to win. Destroy asteroids and enemy ships. In the game you will find a large number of bonuses, as well as pleasant music :D Control Space or Numb0 - Shoot W,A,S,D or Arrow - Move Esc -...
  14. PulseNS

    Legacy GM Trouble using lengthdir to find point on sprite

    Hi, I'm creating a top down game based in space and have the spacecraft booster effects as a separate sprite. The spacecraft has two booster points and I have saved them into an array boosterX and boosterY. My problem is that I just can't seem to get the boosters to line up properly. They are...
  15. Fallspace

    Free Keplers Cosmic Arcade

    I made a 2d planetary orbit sandbox for my kids. Get a feel for orbital motion - and have fun blowing stuff up. I was experimenting with orbital mechanics, and orbital insertion in particular, and ended up with something my kids enjoyed playing around with. I used this site as reference for the...
  16. D

    Particles [SOLVED]

    I make space game, but i dont know how to make cool space background. I think there should be particles, but i dont know how to do it without marketplace programs. If someone knows any codes for this, help please.
  17. Jorg Gjer

    Free SpaceStation Defender - A space tower defence shooter.

    Hi all. Space Station Defender is a mix of space shooter and tower defence. Protect the base from incoming attackers by placing towers. I will still do updates on the game if you have any suggestions. The game can be found at For contact -
  18. M

    Simulating gravity with slowmotion

    Hi I'm currently working on a strategic space game where in you control a space ship and shoot projectiles, all affected by gravity generated from nearby planets. This currently works fine as is but I was wondering how I would go about implementing slowmotion/speedup of time in the gravity...
  19. K

    GMS 2 help fitting boxes

    Hello, I am beginner in gms. And I am pondering on how to stack boxes within a space (the red space in the pictures). I want the boxes to be stacked automatically as I add them, and they can be any height or width. I want the boxes to be as close to center as possible, as shown in this picture...
  20. P

    Team Request Looking for coder and/or UX/UI desinger. (SPACE SHOOTING MMO)

    Before i even start, i want to make clear, this is not a paid job. Payment will come as soon as the game make some cash. I'm looking coder with basic understanding of gms 2, coding and networking. you dont need to have years of experience and the same goes with UX/UI desinger. (not a paid job...