space rocks

  1. O

    Bullet not shooting at all (Space Mods - GML - Enemy Faction(2/3) )

    I'm totally new to GML, and I've been doing the video tutorial of space rocks. I'm already in the Enemy Faction(2/3), and my biggest problem is that the bullet is not shooting at all. I've tried other methods such as giving function to the create bullet and using "if(other. id == creator)," but...
  2. Hobbie Retardo

    GMS 2.3+ Variable setting problem?

    I was following the space rocks tutorial, and it was everything pretty good, then i set these variables... And the system for win and loose is done too, it was ""working"", but the game says that i'm not set the variables yet, anyone knows what i have to do?What i did wrong?
  3. S

    SOLVED (HELP) My asteroids in Space Rocks are glitching

    I made Space Rocks in GML and added a Collision event with other asteroids that makes both of the objects change direction: direction += 180; But when I hit them with my bullets they are glitching. I tried to add the variable collisionInvulnerability = 0; to the asteroid's create event and in...
  4. C

    Player Not Respawning Correctly - Space Rocks Tutorial

    SOLVED! Hello, I've been progressing through the Space Rocks tutorial in order to familiarize myself with inherent GameMaker functions. For those who may be unfamiliar with this tutorial game: The base game is about just creating a spaceship which tries to shoot and dodge asteroids while...
  5. sivispacem

    SOLVED Draw Instance Score - prints double (overlapping) text

    ---If you duplicated your room, ensure you do not have more than one persistent object placed in more than one room.--- Thank you to @TheouAegis, @Slow Fingers for the assistance. As the title suggests, I have been following the "Space Rocks" tutorial and all parts of the game work as the...
  6. S

    GMS 2 An improved spcare rocks. HELP!

    I recently finished the game rocks 3-part tutorial and now im adding whatever i want. Ireally need some help on implementing 3 powerups: - A shotgun that always shoots 3 bullets for 15 seconds; - A fast gun that works as a normal keboard_check as opposed to keyboard_check_pressed (i dont know...
  7. Defya

    Problem with argument_count in Space Rocks tutorial

    Hi all, I'm new to gamedev and pretty new to programming, so like many people I've been following the Space Rocks tutorial. I'm getting close to the end, but I'm having a problem implementing the powerups. Specifically, the steps outlined in this video: Space Mods - DnD - Power-ups (2/3) -...
  8. Sojourner

    Mac OSX Space Rocks Tutoriel

    I have a few problems. I stopped at about 9:18 in the GameMaker DnD Attacking and Collisions video on YouTube. I don't know how to drag DnD boxes to the side, as they just snap back into position. When the bullet collides with an asteroid, it comes up with an error. ERROR in action number...
  9. J

    A Space Rocks Issue -- incorrect bullet angle

    I'm using GML on GameMaker Studio 2 IDE v2.3.0.529 I apologize if this issue has been discussed elsewhere, but after prowling forums and Google and YouTube, I still cannot find a satisfactory answer to explain why the bullets will not shoot straight out of the end of my ship while it's in...
  10. zee86

    SOLVED Character doesn't respawn in Space Rocks tutorial

    I've followed the tutorial step-by-step, but can't understand why the character doesn't respawn. Any ideas please? < Link to the project
  11. Strontium Dingo

    GMS 2 Greetings, request for Space Rocks tutorial help

    Hello everyone - new forum member here, I hope we're all doing okay! I bought GM2 a few months back and have finally gotten around to trying it out. I'm doing the DnD Space Rocks tutorial and I'm stuck on the third video "My First Game - DnD - Attacking & Collisions - Space Rocks (Part 3)"...
  12. M

    GMS 2 Space Rocks GML Gravitating Asteroids Bug(?) [SOLVED (Kinda)]

    So I've made it through setting up the collisions and such. Player has attacks, everything moves and explodes and splits as necessary, as well as movement wrapping being successfully implemented. However, I've got one issue I've noticed, a particularly funny one imo, with one of the size...
  13. J

    [Solved] Image-Angle affecting direction in Space Rocks tutorial

    I'm currently going through the space rocks tutorial and am creating the asteroid's behaviour. The tutorial tells you to change the object's image_angle each step to create a rotating effect, so that it doesn't affect the asteroid's actual direction value. When testing this behaviour, the...
  14. Nick Winlund

    Problem with function call window in Space Rocks

    There is a missing Argument field in Function Call on my Windows copy of Gamemaker. The Space Rocks tutorial shows two argument fields but I only see one field after dragging and dropping a function call over to the "Key Press - Up" Event. I'm working on the introductory Space Rocks program. As...
  15. B

    Drag And Drop Rotation Shenangins, Help Me Please :(

    Hey Hey! New programmer here! I'm making a reskinned version of the Space Rocks Tutorial project, and am currently working on a short invulnerability state for the player after respawn. I'm doing this by respawning a "ghost" object of the player that is only capable of moving, before...
  16. W

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] String Literal Issues: Missing Glyph at Line Breaks

    I'm going through the Space Rocks tutorial and I've run into an issue with line breaks in literal strings. I'm creating the start up menu text using: @" score 1,000 points to win! UP: move ...etc." However, upon running the game, at the beginning of each new line theres the missing glyph...
  17. H

    Space Rocks player not respawning

    I just followed the tutorial on space rocks and for the life of me I cannot figure out why my ship isn't respawning. I've tried every variation of resets in the collision event for the asteroid in my obj_ship events and it's not working. Either it doesn't respond at all, or if I try to redraw...
  18. J

    Windows Can't create debris of space rocks tutorial

    (I usually just read in english, sorry for miswriting) I tried to destroy bullet after trying to create debris, erase the debris image_alpha -= 0.01 and destroy part, resize to 5x5... and still not creating debris (yes, I saved everytime).
  19. M

    GML Space Rocks Tutorial

    Sorry if this was mentioned, I did some searches but was unsuccessful I was running through the GML version of the tutorial for space rocks and run into a problem with splitting the rocks when you shoot them. The code provided in video and tutorial window results in an error. I know it happens...
  20. S

    HTML5 Help with HTML5

    Hi, I'm very new to Game Maker Studio and have been following the beginner tutorials like Space Rocks by Friendly Cosmonaut. When testing in HTML5 a lot of the game elements are missing (asteroids and bullets). Is there something I am missing? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.