space game

  1. D

    Windows Epsilon Omega

    Hey all, I am rather new to forum posting but I figured since I was here getting help with my new project I might as well post my old one. Epsilon Omega was written in GM 3 and took about 10 years for me to finish. It is a puzzle/shooter game about a space pilot taking the Epsilon Omega...
  2. RefresherTowel

    Spaceslingers | Episode "The Eagle is landed!"

    Spaceslingers is a fun and mind-bending sci-fi gravity-based game, where the only obstacles between you and your goal are the most powerful celestial objects in the known universe! Buy it on Steam! KEY FEATURES PLAY: Challenge yourself with a multitude of unique and difficult deliveries to...
  3. M

    GMS 2 how to make change only part of an objects alpha in a collision?

    i'm trying to make a space rocks game where when the level changes all of the rocks turn rainbow from the centre of the screen. the way i thought of doing this is to have two objects that take up the entire screen, the bottom one being white most of the time, and playing a rainbow animation...
  4. A

    Need help/advice with designing Space Sci-Fi game

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and in GMS 2, I only made 1 arcade shooter for 2 players on 1 keyboard, so my skills are not so high but I'm a fast learner. The thing I would like to receive an advice to: I have a concept of a space sim game, maybe even multiplayer one. It will contain...
  5. B

    Change weapon after collecting powerup

    Hi, Everyone I need help with my game. I have a power up that I'm wanting to change my spaceships gun from a single laser into a dual firing laser. I have all my objects set up but I don't know how to approach this. So I basically want my obj_player to change it's weapon from obj_laser to...
  6. trentallain

     Starfighter (Big Changes!)

    @flyingsaucerinvasion and I have been working on a 3D 3rd person spaceship game. The main idea of it is for it to be an online multiplayer e-sports type of game, where the main goal is capture the flag. But for now, here are some screenshots of ship renders and in game view so far: And here...
  7. FlavoursGames

    Released Astropack Attack - Kill boredom moment

    Dear All, We are working on the perfect videogame for when you are going to take a loooong ****! So if you need to kill boredom moment, Astropack Attack is released in Soft-Launch in 9 countries! In this game, with one touch, you try to avoid asteroids, comet, missiles, rockets, black holes...
  8. W

    Released Oracle of Megalopolis, an apocalyptic tale of an alien race

    The Oracle of Megalopolis is about an alien race living in a megastructure built around it's host star Tabby, and it's inevitable demise from the materialization of a wormhole. For millions of years an overpopulated race of beings in the Tabby star system have avoided the extinction of their...
  9. P

    Control spaceship

    Hello. It has been a while. I have been learning a lot in game maker and am trying now to figure out how to build and control a space ship in game maker. I build a ship in the room, and am able to move the player around the room. What I want to do is make an object (like the captains chair)...
  10. S

    GMC Jam Hunted (WIP)

    A frantic spaceship-hopping game made for the 5th GMC jam. Currently features horrible programmer-art, but I'm planning to continue this after the jam, so watch this topic for hopefully periodic updates. DOWNLOAD
  11. W

    Drag And Drop spaceship physics GMS2

    background Hi, first of all, I want to say I am new to GMS2, before using GMS2 I used construct 2 in school. I made a game similar to "SPACEWAR!" except never finished it. the game has two spaceships on opposite sides of a star, a player controls one while the second controls the other. next the...
  12. NazGhuL

    Graphics Tips for Tiles (design space station)

    Hi! I'm working on this and I need some tips/hints/opinion. On my current project, Space Ashes, I have TILES that you can collide, walls, platform, etc... Here is a screenshot: There is 3 layers. The first one is walls. The only one that can collide with the player and hurt him. You can gently...
  13. J

    Android Belimadh's Space

    Hello guys, I'm new to video game development, but I've always been delighted with the gamemaker platform, recently I've uploaded the google playstore my first game for the android platform and soon for ios, I'd love for them to take a walk around there and download it Please give me feedback I...