space battle

  1. Bulldrome

    Top Down Sidestep

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently working on a top down spaceship arena game whos basic gameplay plays like Asteroids except each ship has specific moves. I'd like one of the ships to have a quick sidestep in order to dodge to the left of the right without having to turn the ship. I've been...
  2. Bluetail7

    Windows One Life - One Boss [Mouse Game]

    A game made in May 15, 2016 - Ventisca Games Play as the pilot of a spaceship going your way through the final boss. Avoid enemy bullets and reach the enemy, destroy the target and save the galaxy from the monster that wanders in the void. Download
  3. DjPoke

    Windows Three games i've made with GM

    Hello This is three games i've made with GMS 1.4 : - "MicroDefense" is an "organic" shoot'em up. - "Space Battle" is inspired of "Galaga" Arcade. - "Link" is a reflexion/strategy game with colors. You can find them in my games page (written in French) ...