1. matharoo

    Question - IDE How can I disable the source control icons?

    I have a project that is a git repository. I manage it using Git GUI, so I don't use GMS2 for the source control. It still shows the icons: How can I remove those? I couldn't find a related option in the preferences. I have not enabled SCM in GMS2, it automatically detected the git...
  2. zendraw

    Discussion RQ: Terms/words to enchance dictionary

    Hi, i am currently seeking some sources like books or somthing where i can learn new words and terms that will enhance my dictionary so when i write i dont stop and wonder about what word to use, which happens alot at this point. as of now i am reeding Lovecraft stories and ive gathered like...
  3. Mike

    Asset - Demo Muncher demo I've started to release the sources to the "Game in a day" series I've been doing as free demos i the hope folk can learn from them. This one is a simple dot eating game demo - you know the kind. blobs chase, pickup snacks and chase then back.
  4. C

    Forum Game Need a source MMORPG GMK8

    Hello everyone, my name is Surfen. And I still use Game Maker 8.0 Pro Is there a GMK source for MMORPG? for GM8 I want to create a new project from now Please guide me:)
  5. Binsk

    Free [Source] GMS2 Terminal Backend

    I wrote this system relatively quickly for a project I am working on. I figured that it may be useful for those who want to be able to easily implement an in-game terminal. Download It handles opening / closing the terminal, terminal history, user input (and displaying it correctly with...
  6. S

    Design Other Design Programs

    Do any of you guys regularly use other game design programs? I've been messing around with Unreal Engine 4 for a few weeks, so I really don't know too much about it yet. It's a bit overwhelming when coming from GM. I might check out Unity and Source at some point, but for now I'll be focusing...