source control

  1. Aaron Craig

    GMS 2 Using Source Control In GMS 2

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A Links: Get Git -- Create an account at bitbucket -- Summary: I go over setting up Source Control inside of GameMaker Studio 2. I cover why to use it, what you need to download, how to get it...
  2. M

    Question - IDE SCM problems

    I am currently trying to set up my GMS2 for use with source control. I have yet to successfully configure GMS2 where SCM is entirely functional from within the IDE. I can commit to a local repository on my hard drive from IDE, but I can not seem to commit to the online repository on my GitHub...
  3. Daniel Mallett

    Question - IDE Source control trouble

    I'm desperately hoping someone can help me with setting up source control in game maker 2. Firstly I checked out some youtube videos on how to do this. However everyone seems to be bypassing game maker by installing a 3rd party client for there PC, pointing there save directory to the...
  4. Jamsawamsa

    Git SCM issues - assets not being recognized as part of the project after pulling

    Hello, So my team mate and I have been working on a project together, and we manage our versions on github. There's an issue that occurs whenever my team mate commits and pushes his work to the repository. What happens is that any changes either of us make are not successfully reflected after...
  5. Aaron Craig

    Question - IDE Source Control Issues

    I'm attempting to set up SC inside of the IDE and I got it semi-working. I can stage changes from inside of GMS, but when I attempt to push them, I get this error: Push Error: The branch 'master' ("refs/heads/master") that you are trying to push does not track an upstream branch. I don't...
  6. T

    Question - IDE Git Configuration in GMS2

    Hi I'm trying to configure the Git Source Control integration in GameMaker Studio 2. I got the local repository stuff working fine, but I am having trouble getting remote working. I added an SSH key for the repository I want it to use, but the "Push Changes" button was still greyed out. I added...
  7. J

    Question - IDE Issues when using Git or SVN with GMS2

    Hi there, I recently upgraded my license to GMS2 so I may work on a project with some friends. For most projects (Unity/Unreal) we have used Tortoise SVN with Dropbox to commit work to each other and was hoping to do the same for this. This is really hard to explain in text form so bear with...
  8. Z

    Discussion GIT: Downloading and Syncing an Existing Project to Other PCs? (Help!)

    Hi all, YoYo has an excellent help file on initially setting up GIT support for a GMS2 project, however, they don't seem to have any info on deploying that project to multiple machines/users. Has anyone figured out the optimal method to sync up team members or multiple computers to a single...
  9. G

    Question - IDE Using Github with Source Control plugin and SSH keys

    Hey guys, I have GMS2: Pro and I've set up the Git plugin as much as can figure out. I created a Git repo on Github and initialized it empty. I did git init in the local GMS directory and added the remote origin and set the upstream branch to master. All fine. I initially had my local repo /...
  10. Mitchell Koester

    Question - IDE Git doesn't show up in preferences

    In the manual, it said that to use source control, you have to set up the git plugin, but there is no plugin tab for me. I have bought the full version of gameMaker studio 2.
  11. Aviox

    Question - IDE Source Control Timeline?

    Is there any word on when source control will be available in GMS2? I noticed the help file's instructions show options to set it up that don't currently exist in the IDE. I also noticed one of my favorite (read: least favorite) lines in the helpfile: I'll also say, this language is kind of...
  12. E

    Legacy GM Integrated Source Control not working

    I wanted to use the integrated source control of Gamemaker studio to program with a friend on a project together. For this, I created a GitHub account and also created a repository. Then I used my login data and the GitHub link to my repository to sync with it. Then, GameMaker acted like it up-...
  13. gnysek

    Mercurial Source Control config

    Anybody have ready to use Mercurial "*.scmconfig.xml" file with GM:S Source Control ? There's article how to setup own here: - but I don't see file to download and setting this up again takes too much...