1. J

    Legacy GM Sounds need to play

    So on this code it plays a sound once the object reaches an area, but it won't play. I also have one that it plays a sound on death but it also didnt play. if (state = 1) { var fallplus = 0.25; fallspeed += fallplus; if (rotation > 270) { rotation -= fallspeed...
  2. amusudan

    Team Request In dire need of a sound designer.

    Hello everybody! Me and a couple of friends have been working on multiple games over the course of the last 2 years but neither of us have ever really been good at sound design. Now that we've all gained more experience with creating games and are really close to publishing our first ever...
  3. 3

    Legacy GM Audio Visualization

    I'm looking for a way to return the frequency/amplitude of sound. Research led me to FMOD, but all threads I found related to using it with Game Maker were woefully outdated. I found a handful of libraries built specifically for GM, but always much older versions. Are ways to map out the...
  4. GewoonNiels

    Legacy GM Sound in-game really soft

    My sound in game is 10% the volume of the sound when played in the editor. why? this is my code: (create event) audio_play_sound(bg_music,0,1); audio_sound_gain(bg_music,1,0);
  5. P

    How do I wait till a sound is finished playing?

    Hi, I try to play a sound when a spacecraft crashes, afterwards my game shall restart. The restarting part works fine, but there is no sound playing. My Code so far: //play sound audio_stop_all(); audio_play_sound(snd_ship_explode,0,0); //wait counter = 0; while (counter >= 60)...
  6. Nirwanda

    Compressed sound not working?

    For some reason when I use compressed sound for my game it doesn't work and I get messages like this: (3): Could not open Ogg file C:\Users\Germán\AppData\Local\gm_ttt_60078\gm_ttt_51385\snd_hit.ogg Could it be because my folder name has an á? Uncompressed audio sounds fine, tho, but it really...
  7. L

    Using local variables for external audio- is this efficient?

    As far as I'm aware using external sounds leads to better performance. Therefore my project so far relies exclusively on loading external sound. The project uses around 150 so far so assigning an instance variable to every sound seems a little silly. Therefore much of the sound code looks...
  8. T

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Help with order of music/audio

    From my reddit post. Thought I'd post here to see if more people can give suggestions. I'm making a game and currently I'm focusing on the background music. This is a general summary of how I want things to sound: Audio file 1 plays Once audio file 1 finishes playing, audio file 2 plays One...
  9. O

    HTML5 Alternative to Sound_Add for sound external URL

    Hello. Since Sound_Add is removed, how can I play a sound that is located in a direct URL? like I want to play the sound from Thank you.
  10. J

    Legacy GM Play sound when sprite index changes

    How can i play a sound once when a sprite index changes? My current code looks like this, but the sound just continues to loop: if sprite_index = spr_x; {audio_play_sound (sound_buzzer,1,false);}
  11. samfostersound

    Portfolio - Audio Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer for games looking for work! I recently scored several indie games. For more info (demos, contact info, etc.), visit: If interested in custom music, contact me via email or on my site's online contact form. Rates are...
  12. Geoff Jones

    Making a sound on each tile moved

    Hello all, Im making a game similar to Ultima 5 where the movement is based on 16x16 grid squares. So each time you press up down left or right, it will jump 1 tile in that direction similar to this - My question is, how do I get a sound to play at each step? Here is the code I have for the...
  13. D

    Sound on iOS OK, none on Android.

    Hey all, Complied a project on Ios, via xcode, and it runs as expected on my iphone. Re-compiling for Andoid produces a sound-less app on many physical Android devices with api versions ranging from 13 to 21. Right now a Doogee phone is 'amost' working. Giving a series of clicks instead of the...
  14. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension MultiTone Android

    MultiTone Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $14.99 Modules: Android Support: Description: Create as many sounds as possible changing the envelope, frequency, amplitude, harmonics and...
  15. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Voice to text Android

    Voice to text Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $14.99 Modules: Android Support: Description: Speak directly to your android device and get easy and quick text. Easy to use! Test...
  16. T

    Can't find any sprites I downloaded

    So, I downloaded a ton of sprites and things from the marketplace, and they cannot be found anywhere. I went through every single possible place they could be, and there is no sprite folder anywhere, nor is there a sound folder anywhere. there are only those files in my project files, but it is...
  17. G

    Unable to find audio resource error

    Hello Game maker community, My name is Geider I am from Colombia, I´d like to know if someone can help me with an error I´m receiving when compiling or creating APK, the error is this one: Compile error in around line 0: unable to find audio resource-using defoult sound (windows ding) Compile...
  18. M

    Portfolio - Audio Game Music Composer & Sound Designer

    Hello! My name is Joshua McLean and I'd like to offer my services in audio for games. Awesome games deserve awesome sound, right? I have experience producing many kinds of music, including retro chiptunes, modern electronic, and orchestral/symphonic. For sound effects, I have experience in both...
  19. J

    Best method/software for making arcade styled soundtrack?

    I have made it very far with a game of mine and I want to add a soundtrack of music that sounds something like what you would find in Galaga or Centipede, stuff like that. I googled a few different things but didn't come up with any good results. Any ideas on what software or methods are best...
  20. B

    In game volume for studio

    I guess you can say i'm a novice in game maker. I learned a lot in gm 6, 7-pro, and 8.1 standard. But now that I have studio and learned that a lot of the gml I was using is now obsolete. This includes the ability to use the function sound_global_volume(value) I do see a lot of new and...