1. WangleLine

    GMS 2.3+ Suggestion: Default Sound Settings

    Heya! Whenever I develop games with GMS2, I always run into the same little annoying workflow bottleneck. For every single sound that I import into gamemaker, I have to manually change the bitrate and mode (mono, stereo, 3D). I've seen that things like sprite assets have gotten default settings...
  2. Yizzard

    GMS 2.3+ Play Sound At help

    So I'm trying to make buzz saw objects that just play a constant buzz saw sound effect that get louder the closer you are to them and quieter the farther away. Basically like the ones in Hollow Knight. I first tried to do snd = audio_play_sound_at(buzzSound, x, y, depth, 16, 46, 1, true, .1)...
  3. F

    Sound looping on object despite same events as other objects?

    I have a menu button object for each option (o_start, o_controls, o_rules, o_about, o_exit) in my main menu, but they all have the exact same Left Pressed and Mouse Enter events, which can be found below. A screenshot of the main menu can be found below as well. But for some reason, the 'Exit'...
  4. M

    Sound Design for 16:9

    Hi, I have 2 questions. 1. Why use emitters with audio_play_sound_on() when you can use audio_play_sound_at() without having to create emitters and achieve the same result in a 2D game? 2. which ever one above is used , is there a way to create a formula that allows the sound drop off to be...
  5. angelwire

    Windows Store streamed audio files in different location for ZIP build

    I'm building a game for Windows and I'm using "Compressed - Streamed" audio files. They're working great, but when I build the project, all the audio files are saved in the same folder as the .exe file. It's really ugly to have so many .ogg files and it makes it hard to find the executable. Is...
  6. P

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Audio not playing in Breakthrough tutorial Game (please help)

    Hello, I'm relatively new to game development and Game maker studio 2. I was recently following the tutorial of FriendlyCosmonaut for the game called "Breakthrough" in GML. I got my sound assets from downloading it from the tutorial. The game should play a sound when a collision is detected or...
  7. Fielmann

    SOLVED Sound plays multiple times in HTML5 export

    When I export the game to HTML5, a sound seems to get "corrupt" so that it plays two or three times, even though it should only play once. No errors in the console. The problem only occurs when the actual HTML5 build is uploaded on the server and accessed by a web browser. If I start the game...
  8. M

    Asset - Audio Free Ambient Sounds

    I though for awhile and found a perfect sound engine, fruity loops. I made these in it but they have been formulated to work with game maker studio 2. Download Sounds Contains: Ocean Rain Storms Wind
  9. Yordimix96

    GMS 2.3+ How can I get the RMS and/or Peak of a sound?

    I am developing a music game but I want to use Rms or peak to create a note generator, but I can't find how ... Could you help me?
  10. S

    SOLVED [Solved] Sound not playing at all

    Hello, I've run into a strange problem that I've never encountered before in GMS1. I simply added in a sound file and told an object to play it, but it wouldn't. It won't even play the Windows error noise. The sound level for the application is all the way up in my volume mixer, I've checked the...
  11. YoSniper

    SOLVED Looping music often glitches

    Hello all, In the past, I have had relative success with looping music using a process similar to the one below. The following script is executed by a single persistent object, every step without exception. I have verified that only one instance of this object exists at any given time. The...
  12. Z

    SOLVED Error Sound in a colision *not set before reading it.*

    ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Step Eventobj_point for object obj_player: Variable obj_player.snd_comiendo(100026, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at...
  13. S

    SOLVED Any way to get sound length?

    Is there any way to get the length of a sound, perhaps measured in steps? I don't see any existing scripts that do that
  14. P

    GMS 2 How to properly setup SFX for Platformer

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a small project called Sunset Forest game. And it is a platformer with only one room of 2560 x 1280 size. And I am currently trying to add sounds in it. I have sound effects made by a member of the team and I applied them using audio_listeners and...
  15. CreativeBand124

    Asset - Audio Car sound FX

    * A WRC rally car sound FX. * + 5 gears Array * 228 km /h Top Speed * Real working Speedometer * Easy to manage it. * Full Support * <<< Link to YouTube Video <<< Link to the asset
  16. HoverBat

    GMS 1.4 - How do I change the APP speed during game play?

    It's very helpful in development to be able to speed things up during testing. I currently have code that makes the room_speed 4 times the normal while holding down the left trigger button. However, this does not affect sound. Is there a way to make EVERYTHING match the speed difference when...
  17. U

    SOLVED About volume attenuation of audio_emitter

    Hello. I want to make the sound of the clock smaller as the player gets farther away. Even if falloff is set, the sound of the clock does not change at a certain volume. Is there any setting mistake? clock create ClockEmitter =audio_emitter_create(); audio_emitter_position(ClockEmitter,x,y,0)...
  18. U

    GMS 2 About GMS2 sound effects

    Good evening. I want to include the walking sound of the character. When I imported a realistic walking sound and played it with audio_play_sound() instead of a game-like sound, it sounded dull like a buzzer. Is it possible to use realistic sounds with GMS2? thanks! [CODE = gml]...
  19. E

    HTML5 legacy sound, or no?

    Trying to play BG music, with a volume slider. I can get the audio to start playing, but everything breaks when I try using the audio_sound_gain function. I noticed the manual says that you're supposed to use legacy stuff for HTML sound specifically, but those functions don't show up when I try...
  20. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Sound playing every step. (need to stop that)

    Okay so simple enough I want a hover sound to play when the characters HSP (horizontal speed) is > 0. So if this is the case and its HSP > 0 then I set the hovering var to be true. Otherwise its false. Once hovering is true I do the following (hovering code included). PLAYER - CREATE hovering...