sound designer

  1. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music - Epic, Piano, Ambient, Other Types

    My name is Jana Cole, from the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're looking for an epic theme, piano theme, ambient, or other type of music, I can create a track that's perfect for your project. I've been composing music for years, and I compose in different styles. I started composing music when...
  2. C

    Team Request A brand new storytelling game dev studio is looking for staff.

    Hi guys. Let me just very quickly introduce myself. My name is Peter Cernuska and I'm 41. I'm founder and producer of a brand new studio for the development of storytelling video games with managerial aspects that is currently looking for new members. I have experience mainly in business and...
  3. M

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW PAID] Composer / Sound Designer

    Hey everyone! I'm a musician with over 3 years of experience in working with digital audio and sound design. I'm well familiar with synthesizers and I have plenty of virtual instruments to make vast varieties of different music! My tracks...
  4. afilionComposer

    Portfolio - Audio Afilion - Custom Music & Sound Design

    Hey guys! I am Afilion and I am a music composer and sound designer. My links: Portfolio/Website Twitter YouTube Soundcloud A bit about me! I go by Afilion but you can call me Justin. I specialize in custom music and sound design for video-games and trailers. A few credits: Super Smash...
  5. B

    Portfolio - Audio Pro Music and Sound Design - Ben Rawles Music

    Hi, I'm Ben, and I'm a full-time composer and sound designer based in England, and I'm looking to join projects that need an experienced, attentive and reliable composer and sound designer. I've been working on video game soundtracks since 2012, and I've developed great relationships with...
  6. bigimpactsound

    Portfolio - Audio Big Impact Sound | Composer for Games, Royalty free Music for Games

    Big Impact Sound | Composer for Media provides royalty free music and sound design for games and media. Wide range of musical styles Our award winning team has more than two decades of experience in the creation and production of contemporary and classical music. Stock Music (Library Music)...
  7. Kealor

    Team Request Purity of Blood: Looking for new team members

    Welcome Greetings prospective team member, thanks for checking this project out and i hope to pique your interest! To get access to to the most recent version of the demo check out the discord link at the bottom. One sentence elevator pitch 2D Metroid-vania with a heavy combat focus set in a...
  8. amusudan

    Team Request Sound designer/Music composer for commercial game wanted (Payment possible)

    Lousy Potato is searching for a sound designer/music composer for our first commercial game: Bunker Busters*. Previous experience with audio engineering is not required, but we are looking for high quality effects and music (as this game is very dear to us). Payment is possible but depends on...
  9. BlueBurn

    Portfolio - General [For Hire] Experienced Developers (Help/Code/Graphic/Music/Sound)

    Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm one of the the founders of BlueBurn and here I would like to introduce our team and the services that we provide. ABOUT US: We are an independent development team from the Czech Republic, consisting of multi-talented people with burning passion to create. We...
  10. I

    Team Request Composer & Sound Designer - Want to build a portfolio [FREE]

    Hello all! I'm new here to Game Maker and am currently learning to make my own game. In the meantime, I'd like to collaborate with you guys to learn and build my portfolio at the same time. I'm versatile in my work, so I'll always do my best to help your game represent your vision. If you're...
  11. J

    Portfolio - Audio I soundtrack [FREE] (I looking for experience :D)

    Hello, I will help you if you want in your music, without cost, I looking for experience!
  12. amusudan

    Team Request In dire need of a sound designer.

    Hello everybody! Me and a couple of friends have been working on multiple games over the course of the last 2 years but neither of us have ever really been good at sound design. Now that we've all gained more experience with creating games and are really close to publishing our first ever...
  13. Nathan-Cleary-Music!

    Portfolio - Audio ♪♫ Nathan Cleary Audio (Unity, Armor Games) - Seeking New Projects! ♫♪

    Hi, My name is Nathan, I'm a Professional Freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Osaka, Japan. I have worked on all kinds of projects, from AAA Companies such as Unity, Pinewood Studios, Armor Games and all the way down to Indie Dev teams of just a few people or so. I am currently...
  14. R

    Portfolio - Audio Ryan Davies - Composer & Sound Designer

    I am a BAFTA nominated Composer & Sound Designer for for video games, short films and media. My work covers a range of genres but focuses primarily on cinematic / 8bit / Electronic / Rock / Video Game Music. I have worked on a range of games for PC, Handheld, OTT and Mobile. My portfolio...