sound design

  1. Petr Yakyamsev

    Portfolio - Audio [Sound / Music] Wonderful Soundscapes for your Projects!

    Hi everybody! I’m a Sound Designer / Music Composer working since 2011 and have been creating audio for a lot of exciting projects: Battlerite, War Thunder, Insomnia and a lot of mobile and indie titles. I'm desperately searching for a new projects and ready to jump onto something new! High...
  2. Z

    How can I get sounds for things like cars and sirens?

    Hello, I'm working on a top down GTA 1/2 type game where you can steal cars and get into police chases and the like, but right now I'm using engine and siren sound effects from the GTA V game files. I'd rather use/find my own sounds, but every royalty free siren sound on the internet sounds...
  3. William E.

    Audio "Game Audio Lookout" (music & sound design in games) & "Audio Essentials" Blogs

    Hi everyone, "Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles: Furthermore I started a new...
  4. zminusone

    Portfolio - Audio Composer (Cat Quest, Unworthy and others) looking for projects

    Hi, I'm Brian. I make music and sounds for indie games. I have worked on a couple well received titles on Steam & Switch (Cat Quest & Unworthy). I can do custom work and also have a bit of a music library to draw from as well if need be. I can make music in virtually any style and have a lot of...
  5. L

    Portfolio - General Jack of All Trades for Hire

    Status: Available, do send requests. I am a game developer with skills in many fields, available to beginning working for hire on a per-project or per-commission basis. The easiest way to reach me is through a private message. An e-mail will automatically be sent to me to inform me that you...
  6. C

    GMS 2 Audio Muffling Behind Walls

    Hopefully this hasn't been asked already, but I can't quite find a post about it. Basically, does anyone know how I can apply a muffling effect to sound when a wall exists between the player object and a sound emitter? If the idea isn't clear, it's simply that if my player enters a house, I'd...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Audio Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementer

    Hello, I'm Alexander Harder I'm a composer, sound designer, and audio implementer. I have experience working in with the audio systems in GameMaker Studio, Fmod, and Wwise. I have worked on the mobile game Hyper Thunder Run 198X (an action infinite runner where I composed 1980's metal) and the...
  8. B

    Portfolio - Audio Paul Darbot I Composer & Sound-Designer

    Hi all ! My name is Paul Darbot and I'm a music composer and sound designer based in France. I have already work on several short movies, TV documentaries and coporate films. I am looking to work on video game industry for a while now and I am a big fan of the indie game scene. So ! To all...
  9. NimNom1234

    Team Request Looking for NES Music in Zelda 2 Style

    I know, I know bla bla bla r/choosingbeggars but this is just how I operate. I'm looking for FREE work for my Zelda 2 game that I'm creating. I'd like some music in the same style, but I'm in need of some new music and sound fx. The game is supposed to be like a new world with the Zelda 2...
  10. Maxim Grachev

    Portfolio - Audio $8/sound

    Hey everyone! Making unique sounds for $8 per sound effect. That's it :) Last projects I woked on: Game - YOUTUBE Animation - YOUTUBE Logo - YOUTUBE
  11. CleanWater

    Asset - Audio RPG Sound Effects Pack

    Hi there! I'm planning to develop a RPG in the near future. But doing all the sound effects myself will be a hassle. I'm looking for something that include everything I could need, from clashing swords, to doors closing and dogs barking. I want a complete sound pack, like the RTP sound effects...
  12. Gabriel

    Legacy GM Limiting the repetition of a sound

    I have an object in my game which is a box that when touched, it activates a countdown and then explodes (Crash Bandicoot style). If there are other boxes close, they will explode immediately too. Now, whenever a box explodes, an explosion sound is played. But what if, let's say, eight boxes...
  13. T

    Portfolio - Audio Need music for your production? Song Composition By Top Hat Ty!

    Hello my name is Tyler and I produce music for games, short films, and just for my self as well. If you have a production underway and need some creative music or sound design feel free to contact me for some free music. you can email me at or look me up on Face book under...
  14. Scythuz

    Portfolio - Audio Scythuz Music & Sound Effect Design

    Hello, I'm Scythuz and I am a professional freelancer who specialises in music and sound effects and ambience design. I have been working as one for roughly 5 years and have worked on games in various engines from RPG Maker & Gamemaker to Unity & the Unreal Engine. I've worked on everything...
  15. amusudan

    Team Request In dire need of a sound designer.

    Hello everybody! Me and a couple of friends have been working on multiple games over the course of the last 2 years but neither of us have ever really been good at sound design. Now that we've all gained more experience with creating games and are really close to publishing our first ever...
  16. A

    Portfolio - Audio Experienced music composer for your projects, PAID

    Hello guys! My name is Arthur Varkvasov, I am a professional Game/Film/TV Composer. There are my credits and many music of different genres: Composer's reels. For Games:
  17. Dmitry

    Portfolio - Audio Sound Designer / Music Composer - Chirp Chirp Sounds

    Hello there! I'm a sound designer / music producer who creates audio for games, animations, films and also works as a ghost producer. If you ever need anything audio-related (Music / Sound Design / Audio Integration / Adaptive Music / VO / Audio Editing etc) please feel free to message me. I...
  18. M

    Portfolio - Audio SFX Designer/Composer/Audio Programmer

    Hi! My name is Matt Dear, I am a sound designer, composer and audio implementor. I've combined my two great passions of audio and gaming to create in-your-face, highly varied audio assets! Portfolio: Here are a few points about me: - I've been making audio...
  19. M

    Portfolio - Audio Game Music Composer & Sound Designer

    Hello! My name is Joshua McLean and I'd like to offer my services in audio for games. Awesome games deserve awesome sound, right? I have experience producing many kinds of music, including retro chiptunes, modern electronic, and orchestral/symphonic. For sound effects, I have experience in both...
  20. AndrewSmith8163264


    As I explained yesterday I'm new to this engine and I'm enjoying it :) However how do I add sound clips for when a button is pressed? I have sound files and everything I just don't know how to link them. Apologies for my noobness I'm terrible. Thanks for reading and hopfully responding :)