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  1. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Custom Sorting with Arrays in 2.3.1

    GM Version: 2.3.1 Target Platform: All Download: None Links: YouTube Video Summary: A GML tutorial series on (you guessed it) writing custom sort functions in 2.3.1
  2. X

    GMS 2.3+ How to do a custom sort?

    I have a words list which is already sorted alphabetically I want to be able to read this in from the included files and then sort it based on word length but i don't see anyway with ds_lists for instance because the sort is just alphabetical Is there a way to write a custom comparator in...
  3. N

    ds_grid_sort does literally nothing?

    So I'm making a 2d grid, and I populate the first column with an array (node coordinates). The second column is the distance between the origin node and whatever node I'm examining from the list of node coordinates. That part of the code works flawlessly. My issue is that, you'll see I print the...
  4. samspade

    Asset - Extension Array Functions Extension

    Available for GMS 2 Description This extension contains a number of functions to extend the usefulness of arrays. A number of the scripts accept custom functions. You can create custom sorts, custom array searches or filters, and more. Functions include: Extension Functions array_valid_index...
  5. samspade

    GML Utility Array Functions (now available for 2.3)

    There are a number of utility array functions I use and I've recently been taking some javascript courses so I wanted to formalize and add to those functions and make it a free to use utility package. I'll upload it to the marketplace at some point. If anyone wants to use them feel free, but...
  6. Amir Bayareh

    Sorting objects by positions.

    Hello everyone! I am creating a little race game where 4 objects are racing each other. I want to give each object its own place (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th) depending on their actual position. But I've been strugglin for a while now. I think that I can do it by creating a ds_list and sorting it by...
  7. K

    Collecting and Comparing Values (Array/List/Map?)

    I've only just started with gamemaker, and my background in coding is little more than dabbling in java, html and (of all things) excel. Google has been my friend thus far, but both it and the manual are being a bit shy here. What I am trying to do is this - I have twenty cats. Each cat has a...
  8. J

    Question - D&D Sprite order in room designer

    Hello. I've been trying to learn GameMaker 2 and use the room designer to place sprites. I'm having a problem getting the sprites to overlap in the correct order, so I created a very simple example and made a screen capture to illustrate the issue. As can be seen in the attached image, I've...
  9. Zeralith

    Question - IDE Resource Tree is Extremely Difficult to Sort Now with Groups and Nested Groups

    Hello, Prior to GMS2 Version, moving/sorting Files and Groups within the Resource Tree was intuitive and worked quite well. Now, the UI "line/bar" element, which showed us if an item was going to be dropped above, below, or into another Group, appears to have been removed completely...
  10. jb skaggs

    GML nesting loop

    I know this is a serious much larger topic in the manufacturing world, bu I need a simple efficient nesting loop for my shop game. here are parameters: list of stock length inventory pieces (xx), List of pieces to be cut from stock lengths(yy), a list of pieces that are scrap(zz), and an...
  11. Kabcorp

    GML Sorting grid from strings

    Hello GMers ! I'm trying to sort a classic ds_grid using this: 0 STR1 STR2 STR3 STR4 1 2 3 4 5 ... All cases countain uppercase strings. I want sort the grid from the 1st collumn called STR1 I tryed to convert strings to real but i think i missed something to have a good result. Some...