1. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Dynamic Camera Tilt?

    Hello, I am fairly new to GMS I'm making a dynamic camera that tilts left or right according to the speed the player is going left or right. The camera already follows the player, however I don't know how I should go about making the camera tilt. My current thinking it to measure how fast the...
  2. O

    Legacy GM Collision Problem [Solved]

    So, I have a specific mechanic for something where it checks if its' colliding with something or not if yes, then it acts normally if no, then it does something different now, I think the code misunderstood this situation as it neither collides it, nor it doesn't how? I don't know I probably...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Problem with smooth camera movement

    I am working on a simple way to smoothly move between screens in my game. I want to have an object, that when clicked, will smoothly transition the camera from one side to the other. However, with my current code, it instead jerks the camera to the other side instantly, with no smooth...
  4. Brenden

    Windows [Solved] Drawing transformed views, surfaces, or what ever works.

    I am trying to draw a portion of the application surface and then draw it at a different area. The thing I want to do is to transform that portion of the surface so each corner has its own x and y. An example would be to transform the surface to look like a trapezoid. The reason why I am using...
  5. D

    GMS 2 Test For Window Being Closed

    Is there a way that I can test when a user hits the red x in the top right to close the window so that I can save data before it closes?
  6. R

    GMS 2 Only first LeftDown event captured

    Hi, I am undoubtedly being very stupid. But I have a large "background" sprite, and I'm capturing mouse LeftDown events. The first works perfectly. But after a LeftReleased event has been caught, no further LeftDown events seem to be triggered. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? Thanks...
  7. T

    GMS 2 Runner.exe hard freezing on 'Hero' death

    Hello world. My game is the definition of humble beginnings, but seems to run into a brick wall right away. Mind you I started GM 2 weeks ago. Player is in a dungeon looking room, with a torch and sword, also a rat. When I get close to rat, rat gets pissed, rat bites a couple times and...
  8. P

    GML Having issues with jagged jumping

    When I copy down the basic 2D platformer, the jumping and gravity for my player object doesn't seem to work properly. The jump shoots the player up to a set height instantaneously before falling down slowly at a constant rate. In my code I copied down the function for accelerating gravity so...
  9. Bentley

    GML SOLVED: Organizing player states, avoid skipping a frame

    I've been trying to organize player states and this is what I have. It's all in the Step Event in this order: 1. Run state scripts 2. Move and collide 3. Check for state changes. So it would look something like this: Step Event // States switch (state) { case PSTATE.IDLE...
  10. Bentley

    Discussion SOLVED Cant login to my YoYo account. Is the update the reason?

    Edit: Solved. I'd really like to thank Kevin at the help desk for his help. Thanks to Claire and everyone else who posted below : ) I read that there's an update going on right now. Is that the reason I can't login and is this temporary? Thanks for reading.
  11. Bentley

    SOLVED: "ds_grid_get" to check if the next move is on the grid

    I'm moving the player on a ds_grid. I want to keep him inside the grid. I saw the function ds_grid_get and thought it could work: "If you pass invalid grid coordinates, then the value returned will be 0." I'd use what ds_grid_get returns to check if the player's planned move is on the board...
  12. Bentley

    SOLVED: Qix for Atari. How do you know when a section is "claimed"?

    I understand that Qix is an obscure game (it was for me anyway). So the odds are against my post being answered, but I'll try anyway. I've been thinking about this for a while. How do you know when the player has sealed off an area? I've thought about tracking when the player turns and creating...
  13. G

    Am I not using path_get_x correctly?

    I'm trying to change a variable once my object hits the halfway mark on a specific path. Right now my code looks like: if x = path_get_x(path_dashMove, 0.5) { dash = 2 } It won't change the dash variable to 2. What am I doing wrong?
  14. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Top down rpg, how to efficiently check if a player is not on the ground.

    I've got another method using collisions with objects, state system and alarms. But the player slides across the object instead of falling off. Notice, this is not a platform game. What I need help with specifically, is detecting the players physical x and physical y variable. Checking if the...
  15. Bentley

    SOLVED draw_sprite_part: drawing from bottom to a rising top

    When the player is spawned, I want draw_sprite_part to draw the player 1 pixel at a time. I want it to start at his feet, and rise until his head is drawn. In other words, I want to draw a 1 pixel high rectangular area at his feet (the bottom of the sprite), and increase the size of that...
  16. Xor

    Shaders [Solved] MRTs in HLSL 11

    Hello! I'm trying to write a Multiple Render Target shader for our game, Xodusse, and I'm having trouble figuring out the HLSL 11 syntax. I am currently using HLSL 9, but I want to rewrite the shader for GameMaker Studio 2. I can't find any information on the syntax so I'm kind of just guessing...
  17. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Saving a moving objects coordinate as a constant

    Hi, the problem im having at the currenr moment is. As you've read from the title, saving a moving objects x and y coordinate in that moment as a constant. I plan to save this coordinate as the enemy objects next location, as it dashes toward that point. E.g. Step 1: find player if player...
  18. C

    Windows [SOLVED] My new computer will compile game, but particles do not display.

    Hi guys. I bought a new computer and created a new user on it, but I am experiencing a very annoying, mystifying, and aggravating issue. When I compile my game using my new computer (simply run it from the IDE, or export using VM or YYC) my particle effects do not display. The standard...
  19. Bentley

    SOLVED: Getting children to inherit this line from parent's draw

    Hello, I have a parent object with two children. I want the children to inherit this line from the parent's draw event: draw_sprite_ext(sprite_index, image_index, x, y, xscale * facing, yscale, image_angle, c_white, image_blend); // Children become invisible When they inherit the above, the...
  20. L

    GMS 2 SOLVED : Sprites animations and bullets

    Hi guys, I facing an issue since yesterday and I can't figure out how to solve it ... I hope someone will be able to help me :) I would like to say that I'm a a beginner with Game maker. This is my problem : My player have multiple states set by enum in its create event. One of my state is...