1. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Code from GMS 1.4 doesn't work?

    I decided to finally give GMS2 a try today by transferring a small project over to get familiar with the layout but it is not working and i'm not sure why. It's just supposed to draw polygons using primitives given randomized values when I click, but nothing happens. Occasionally a very thin...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Alarm Firerate Issue

    Hello everyone, i have a shooting mechanic i'm trying to get down for game, and i'm trying to use an alarm to do what i want. I'm having a hard time, was wondering if someone could maybe explain what i'm doing wrong, or explain how to fix what i'm doing. Also, it is my first time posting, i...
  3. M

    Making the player character move faster in the air? <SOLVED>

    I'm making a platformer, and I'm wondering if it is possible to make the character faster while airborne.
  4. MagnumVulcanos

    GMS 2 solved - "Unable to find any instance for object index" for a true/false variable

    SOLVED GMS2 error report fails if the instance turning up an error does not exist. I am getting the following error: Unable to find any instance for object index '100107' at gml_Object_obj_vent_Step_0 (line 18) - if process_checking_room { on the following lines: //continue room checking...
  5. Y

    Legacy GM SOLVED

    i want than i left distance text got hidden and not than key is released
  6. M

    GMS 2 How to determine an object's type after upcasting it?

    SOLVED: The problem was that I forgot I had another class that was a child of oAnimal and parent of oCat/oDog. The nearest instance of oAnimal wasn't oCat or oDog, it was oSmallAnimal. So like this: oAnimal -> oSmallAnimal -> oCat/oDog...
  7. C

    GML [SOLVED]The scripts is keep looping itself without the 'repeat' function

    So, I try to combine Beyond Us Games' s multi dialogue system with FriendlyCosmonaut's cutscene system. The abomination actually works for the most part. The problem is when the time comes for scrCutsceneDialogue, the game created a lot of dialogue boxes, this is evident because I programmed the...
  8. J

    Changing an instance

    So I am trying to do an rts kind of approach to my game so i have an object,and I draw 40 instances of it.So the problem i have is that i want to change one,only one of this instances into another object(like a sawmill or a corn field).
  9. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Aim In front of Player

    Hello and thank you all for helping. I'm wondering how I would go about making an enemy aim in front of the Player. The turret often rotates to slow to catch up with the player and always misses. My first idea was to put a target object in front of the player but this doesn't work well because...
  10. L

    Question - IDE specific room wont open

    i can put any other room on the top of the rooms list so they play first and the game will launch no problem, but as soon i put the room i made as a main screen up on the top of the list. the output says everything like normal but the game will not pop up. if try to start the game again, it will...
  11. L

    http_get on HTML5 export

    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue trying to get http_get to work on HTML5 platform. When I export my project to desktop (Windows), everything works fine. Once the game is executed in html5 mode, no http_ requests are working. I've tried both running html5 version on a local webserver and...
  12. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Step Event Issue

    Hi my game is simple so far: Top Down view where you navigate an orb with WASD. My problem is that I need different other objects to stick to my o_player. In this case a o_gun. I went about it by adding this in the Step Event: x = o_player.x; y = o_player.y; However, it acts as if I put it...
  13. G

    GML Need help with game coding [Solved]

    So, i need help with some coding, i've been trying to make an like game, so the Hatchet or Axe animation is kinda hard, i tried everything, here's the code: //Object Axe //Create Event image_speed = 0; //Global left button Event image_speed = 3; alarm[0] = 90; //Alarm 0 Event...
  14. L

    GMS 2 Instance_Position Not Giving ID (solved)

    Hello! I'm working on making a pushable block using the following code: if place_meeting(x+sign(hsp_precollision),y,pushblock_obj) and grounded = 1 { pushblockid = instance_position(x+sign(hsp_precollision),y,pushblock_obj) global.movex = hsp_precollision with...
  15. Nathan Archer

    My phone keeps trying to validate the license for a game I'm testing.

    EDIT: Solution is to delete the whole license from the global game settings, even if the "Google Play Licensing" box is unchecked, you need to delete the text for it to stop trying to verify. After heavy troubleshooting I haven't been able to get YYC or an emulator to test my game, so my...
  16. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] One-Way Platforms Fail When Player Object in Contact with Two Platforms

    Hello! I'm making one-way platforms. My character can land on top of them from above, and even jump onto them from below, but the character will fall straight down through platforms seemingly when in contact with more than one platform (this happens when my platforms are close together). I've...
  17. T

    Question - IDE [Solved]Error : Could not find any rooms in the project - could be caused by project file corruption

    Hi all. I've been working on a game for a few months within Windows and storing all project files on bitbucket. I wanted to continue doing some work while travelling so downloaded all of the project files to my mac. When I try and run the project, I get the compile error: "Error : Could not...
  18. T

    iOS [SOLVED] AdMob Issue

    Hi all! We were working on our game for 4-5 months and finally released for iOS and Android 1 month ago. It was paid for iOS with no ads, and freemium concept on Android, but we decided to move freemium for iOS too. We've changed it to free on the store, added iOS to AdMob and changed the...
  19. Darth Binary 1010

    [SOLVED] is_real not returning false for a non-number

    var test = noone if (is_real(test)) { show_debug_message("rawr") } Why does this if statement return true? Should I be using "noone" for blank variables and resetting a variable to nothing? Also, should I be using is_real to check if a variable is a number or not?
  20. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] irandom() issues in Create Event

    I've made an obj_tree which can choose a variation out of 4 different sprites (so the object doesn't look repeated) but when I try my code, all trees are the same type. I can confirm that this is not an issue with the sprite_index applying to all instances* because every time I run the game...