1. Nathan Archer

    My phone keeps trying to validate the license for a game I'm testing.

    EDIT: Solution is to delete the whole license from the global game settings, even if the "Google Play Licensing" box is unchecked, you need to delete the text for it to stop trying to verify. After heavy troubleshooting I haven't been able to get YYC or an emulator to test my game, so my...
  2. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] One-Way Platforms Fail When Player Object in Contact with Two Platforms

    Hello! I'm making one-way platforms. My character can land on top of them from above, and even jump onto them from below, but the character will fall straight down through platforms seemingly when in contact with more than one platform (this happens when my platforms are close together). I've...
  3. T

    Question - IDE [Solved]Error : Could not find any rooms in the project - could be caused by project file corruption

    Hi all. I've been working on a game for a few months within Windows and storing all project files on bitbucket. I wanted to continue doing some work while travelling so downloaded all of the project files to my mac. When I try and run the project, I get the compile error: "Error : Could not...
  4. T

    iOS [SOLVED] AdMob Issue

    Hi all! We were working on our game for 4-5 months and finally released for iOS and Android 1 month ago. It was paid for iOS with no ads, and freemium concept on Android, but we decided to move freemium for iOS too. We've changed it to free on the store, added iOS to AdMob and changed the...
  5. Darth Binary 1010

    [SOLVED] is_real not returning false for a non-number

    var test = noone if (is_real(test)) { show_debug_message("rawr") } Why does this if statement return true? Should I be using "noone" for blank variables and resetting a variable to nothing? Also, should I be using is_real to check if a variable is a number or not?
  6. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] irandom() issues in Create Event

    I've made an obj_tree which can choose a variation out of 4 different sprites (so the object doesn't look repeated) but when I try my code, all trees are the same type. I can confirm that this is not an issue with the sprite_index applying to all instances* because every time I run the game...
  7. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Detecting Tiles

    Hello everyone and thank you for your help! So this one is simple, I have a racing game and I want to detect if the object is in a collision with the road or the ground (goes slower on the ground and faster one road). What command would I use to do this? This is what I've tried. if...
  8. W

    Windows [SOLVED] Object's to follow view with zoom

    Pulling my hair out here as i can't figure this out and i had it working but some things got corrupted on my drive unsuspectingly and i lost the project. What i am trying to do is spawn objects that are a menu on the fly where like a shop or bank ect and the player can click whats needed and...
  9. JDizzle383

    GMS 2 Isometric level editor[SOLVED]

    So I have been trying to figure out a method of creating a "depth detection" system for a level editor. What I mean is I need something like this: from these images: As it is my first time with isometric tiles and I don't know how to deal with depth based on what already exists in the...
  10. D

    GMS 2 [Solved] Player moving super fast when holding down two keys at once

    Hi, I'm new to gamemaker studio, and this is my first post on the forums. The problem I have been encountering uses the following code: //Movement if (keyboard_check(ord("W"))) { instance_change(obj_player_up,false); obj_player_idle.y -= global.playerspeed; } if...
  11. M

    easiest way to create large uncalculable datasets??

    A core mechanic of the game I am working on is to be able to spawn a number of objects that are assigned a random "name" string from a pool of potentially hundreds? I've done something similar before by creating an array that holds the data and randomly selecting from that using while/for loops...
  12. G

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Room Transitions/Warps no longer working since GM Update

    I was previously running GM version, until the latest update forced me to update. (I only did this because I wanted to complete the project I was working on before updating). After updating, I'm now having this problem where it seems like my warps and walls are moving to the next...
  13. nihiven

    Windows [SOLVED] Error: Missing main()

    Hi All, After the latest update to 2.1.4, I'm no longer able to run my project. I've tried: clearing the caches cleaning the project exporting to yyz and importing into a new project reverting to an older runtime version I've included the full output window contents below and attached a...
  14. Y

    GML Switching animation

    Hi gamemaker community! I'm confused with skeletal animations and need help from seasoned GML-lore-walkers. :) To be clear: "json" == skeletal animation, "animation" == animation inside json, like "idle" or "death". State of the Union: i've got obj_enemy that holds all related variables and...
  15. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Gravity affecting things that it shouldn't.

    Hello, I'm having this odd issue where when ever I turn my room physics on it breaks my Gun bullets and stops them from moving. The bullets have nothing to do with physics and the physics are off. The bullets are being moved by the built in speed command. If anyone knows what going on help...
  16. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Dynamic Camera Tilt?

    Hello, I am fairly new to GMS I'm making a dynamic camera that tilts left or right according to the speed the player is going left or right. The camera already follows the player, however I don't know how I should go about making the camera tilt. My current thinking it to measure how fast the...
  17. O

    Legacy GM Collision Problem [Solved]

    So, I have a specific mechanic for something where it checks if its' colliding with something or not if yes, then it acts normally if no, then it does something different now, I think the code misunderstood this situation as it neither collides it, nor it doesn't how? I don't know I probably...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Problem with smooth camera movement

    I am working on a simple way to smoothly move between screens in my game. I want to have an object, that when clicked, will smoothly transition the camera from one side to the other. However, with my current code, it instead jerks the camera to the other side instantly, with no smooth...
  19. Brenden

    Windows [Solved] Drawing transformed views, surfaces, or what ever works.

    I am trying to draw a portion of the application surface and then draw it at a different area. The thing I want to do is to transform that portion of the surface so each corner has its own x and y. An example would be to transform the surface to look like a trapezoid. The reason why I am using...
  20. D

    GMS 2 Test For Window Being Closed

    Is there a way that I can test when a user hits the red x in the top right to close the window so that I can save data before it closes?