1. M

    GMS 2 Error message in GM2 (new to GM)

    I followed along with a tutorial to create scripts for grid based movements, and have just tried to put place_meeting collisions in my move script. I am getting this error message. I was able to get collisions to work when the movement is not grid based, but this is posing a problem...
  2. V

    GML Instance_place checks only 1 object ?

    Hi, i am making a save script for my game using instance_place. var inst = instance_place(xx,yy,all); if(inst) { var instIndex = inst.object_index; ini_write_string("Map0", string(ntp(xx))+","+string(ntp(yy)), instIndex); } Everything was okay till time that i...
  3. G

    GML if else statement error

    not sure what i am doing wrong here i tried making the alarm its own object because i want it to do this for only certain rooms but it did not work i am not trying to do it in the player object just to see if i can get it working i also been trying to set it up so the alarm shows up in the...
  4. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Warp/Door Bootup Variable player_x Read Error

    I've been following the instructions of a video on YouTube for coding in doors that warp the player to other rooms, and after following his exact instructions I've run into an error. In the build process when loading the game, an error appears...
  5. VentKazemaru

    GMS 2 What's the template for bitmasking autotiles?

    I've been looking all over for the answer to this. I got my code set up for bitmasking. specifically getting 8-bit masking. 47 tiles. But I have no idea how to set up the tileset. I've poured over a lot of articles. they explain a lot how bitmasking works. but nothing on how to actually draw...
  6. ricardo1996

    GMS 2 camera_set_view_size changes view position

    Im trying to implement a zoom effect but having issues with my gui also being zoomed in on. i thought using 2 viewports would solve the issue but to avail. any help please.
  7. J

    GMS 2 A simple networking issue is driving me crazy! I'd love some help.

    Hey everyone! I have been struggling for hours trying to get a simple websocket connection to work and it's driving me crazy. Any help would be immensely appreciated. There is a WSS connection at and it literally just takes whatever you send to it, and...
  8. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Code from GMS 1.4 doesn't work?

    I decided to finally give GMS2 a try today by transferring a small project over to get familiar with the layout but it is not working and i'm not sure why. It's just supposed to draw polygons using primitives given randomized values when I click, but nothing happens. Occasionally a very thin...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Alarm Firerate Issue

    Hello everyone, i have a shooting mechanic i'm trying to get down for game, and i'm trying to use an alarm to do what i want. I'm having a hard time, was wondering if someone could maybe explain what i'm doing wrong, or explain how to fix what i'm doing. Also, it is my first time posting, i...
  10. M

    Making the player character move faster in the air? <SOLVED>

    I'm making a platformer, and I'm wondering if it is possible to make the character faster while airborne.
  11. MagnumVulcanos

    GMS 2 solved - "Unable to find any instance for object index" for a true/false variable

    SOLVED GMS2 error report fails if the instance turning up an error does not exist. I am getting the following error: Unable to find any instance for object index '100107' at gml_Object_obj_vent_Step_0 (line 18) - if process_checking_room { on the following lines: //continue room checking...
  12. Y

    Legacy GM SOLVED

    i want than i left distance text got hidden and not than key is released
  13. M

    GMS 2 How to determine an object's type after upcasting it?

    SOLVED: The problem was that I forgot I had another class that was a child of oAnimal and parent of oCat/oDog. The nearest instance of oAnimal wasn't oCat or oDog, it was oSmallAnimal. So like this: oAnimal -> oSmallAnimal -> oCat/oDog...
  14. C

    GML [SOLVED]The scripts is keep looping itself without the 'repeat' function

    So, I try to combine Beyond Us Games' s multi dialogue system with FriendlyCosmonaut's cutscene system. The abomination actually works for the most part. The problem is when the time comes for scrCutsceneDialogue, the game created a lot of dialogue boxes, this is evident because I programmed the...
  15. J

    Changing an instance

    So I am trying to do an rts kind of approach to my game so i have an object,and I draw 40 instances of it.So the problem i have is that i want to change one,only one of this instances into another object(like a sawmill or a corn field).
  16. Dead Eye

    GMS 2 Aim In front of Player

    Hello and thank you all for helping. I'm wondering how I would go about making an enemy aim in front of the Player. The turret often rotates to slow to catch up with the player and always misses. My first idea was to put a target object in front of the player but this doesn't work well because...
  17. L

    Question - IDE specific room wont open

    i can put any other room on the top of the rooms list so they play first and the game will launch no problem, but as soon i put the room i made as a main screen up on the top of the list. the output says everything like normal but the game will not pop up. if try to start the game again, it will...
  18. L

    http_get on HTML5 export

    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue trying to get http_get to work on HTML5 platform. When I export my project to desktop (Windows), everything works fine. Once the game is executed in html5 mode, no http_ requests are working. I've tried both running html5 version on a local webserver and...
  19. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Step Event Issue

    Hi my game is simple so far: Top Down view where you navigate an orb with WASD. My problem is that I need different other objects to stick to my o_player. In this case a o_gun. I went about it by adding this in the Step Event: x = o_player.x; y = o_player.y; However, it acts as if I put it...
  20. G

    GML Need help with game coding [Solved]

    So, i need help with some coding, i've been trying to make an like game, so the Hatchet or Axe animation is kinda hard, i tried everything, here's the code: //Object Axe //Create Event image_speed = 0; //Global left button Event image_speed = 3; alarm[0] = 90; //Alarm 0 Event...