1. ZaHee

    GML [SOLVED] How to make the camera move whenever an object leaves the camera viewport?

    In the game I Wanna Be The Guy, whenever you leave the screen, the camera instantly moves to the next screen. Here's a video as an example. (the best example is at 5:03) What I'm trying to do is making it to whenever the player leaves the screen, the camera instantly shifts so that the next...
  2. Antikore

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] sprite_save is not saving sprites

    I'm actually making a game. When you play it, at the start, a starting code runs for creating base files and stuff that will be needed when you're in the game. While all things work properly I think, the part that I save a few sprites to one of the folders isn't working. These files are saved on...
  3. GonerBits

    GML [Textbox System] Help changing text color mid string / shake effects?

    (I'm a total beginner to this, and this is my first time posting to here, so sorry if the formatting / code is kind of messy... I don't know what i'm doing haha) I'm trying to make a text box system that allows for shaking text and changing text colors (preferably in a gradient) kind of like...
  4. R

    Windows Issue with buying licence

    Hey all! I was trying to purchase "GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop" (the $99 one) for my windows PC but when I enter my credit card details the "submit payment" button does nothing, no matter how long I wait. Is this a common bug or is there a part of the form im not filling out correctly?
  5. Schekhovtsov

    Android SOLVED: Some recources failed to import

    Hello I updated GMS, Android Studio. When trying to update / reinstall the Google Play Services extension, an error occurs: Resource 'GooglePlayBillingExtension' failed to import Has anyone come across a similar one?
  6. Schekhovtsov

    Android SOLVED: Game crash after first Google Play login and after Achievements window closing

    Hey. There are two problems: 1) The game crashes after the first authorization in the Google Play Games. at the next launches, everything is fine. 2) the game crashes when you close the Google Play Games achievements window (opening works fine). Both crashes occur without error. In another...
  7. Babaganosch

    Android GooglePlayServices error on build, FragmentManager / FragmentActivity

    I can't build for Android after I install Google Play Services into the project. I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.6, with the IDE v. and the runtime v. I've tried cleaning the cache after installing the extension. This is the error I'm receiving ------- > Task...
  8. Binsk

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] 3D Rendering issue.

    SOLVED?: I'm not sure why, but if I switch from matrix_build_projection_perspective to matrix_build_projection_perspective_fov it renders as expected. That is what I normally use anyway so I'm going to call that the solution. Howdy! I am no newbie to the 3D scene with GameMaker and elsewhere...
  9. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game decided to break for no reason

    Hi, I've spent a few months on and off working on a game, and I decided to edit it today for the first time in a month. I haven't touched it since the last time I worked on it, and no one else has either. So something caused the car object to break. Everything else is fine, the player...
  10. W

    Collision line instance id's

    Using collision_line_list for first time for a laser beam, only need the closest instance id. This always returns -4, as the instance Id, whatever the mouse is over. Probably an elementary mistake, help welcome. var list = ds_list_create(); var num = collision_line_list(x, y, mouse_x...
  11. Rydon_Star

    GML Basic code to arc an object from point 1 to point 2

    Hey everyone I have been looking around for code to just have an object move in an arc between two points. I know there are a lot of forum post out there on this topic but a lot of them are using gravity, etc. which I don't really need. I just need to be able to have an object move from...
  12. P

    Windows Fullscreen startup issue on some PCs

    Hi, I have a game coming out in a week so I've been sending out builds for testing. Sometimes a person reports that the game is starting in some weird non-windowed, non-fullscreen mode and the only solution is to ALT-ENTER twice (which most people don't know how to do). It looks like this...
  13. Dorsal

    GML Calculating 9 points on a rotating grid

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around this problem. I have a square that is 120x120 that I have divided into a 3x3 grid. I don't have a problem getting the mid points of each of the nine squares and placing objects at those points. The issue is when I rotate the grid I can't seem to figure...
  14. M

    GMS 2 Tactics screen with waypoints for a manager game.

    I'm creating a manager game where a part of the game will focus around the creation of tactics using a waypoint system for the "players" you control. I've successfully experimented with making the "player" move from their starting position to a set of coordinates by letting them create their own...
  15. M

    GMS 2 mp_potential_step_object (with multiple objects)

    Hi all, Just a quick question hopefully. I have been working on my pathfinding system and so far everything seems to be mostly working. Sometimes my "units" are unable to find a path within the mp_grid I have setup and so I have them using mp_potential_step_object as I have no "Solid" objects...
  16. D

    GML A question about movement

    I was wondering about the different ways to do player movement in GML, many of the Game Maker tutorials from YoYo like breakthrough or space rocks have you use the key down event while on forums people say to use keyboard_check(ord()) instead so I'm curious if there are differences about the...
  17. Alloi

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Physics_Test_Overlap

    I have a parent object named oBlock. Then I have 2 children objects, one named oPlayer1 and the other oPlayer2. I am trying to have it so collision is detected if the other jumps onto their head. My issue is that when using "physics_test_overlap(x,y,image_angle,oBlock)" a collision is always...
  18. P

    GMS 2 If Statements Breaking Eachother (SOLVED)

    I am attempting to work through the code of making the Breakout Game before I actually open the tutorial and I've begun to notice an odd behavior. If statements are interfering with each other, and I can't for the life of me understand why. I've gotten all the rebound directions to work except...
  19. Stranger

    [SOLVED]Referencing variables from deactivated instances

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble pulling variables from deactivated objects. It could simply be a matter of order placement. I'm new to the community but have been working with GameMaker for a few years now. This is my very first post! I'm still rather unskilled with the coding. I'm making a...
  20. D

    GML Connecting Sprite to Moving Characters

    I am trying to connect a helmet on top of my player. This way I can change out the helmets for the player and not have to make a walking animation for each type of helmet. The problem I have is when the character moves the helmet slides to the side. I would just make it move both objects at the...