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  1. M

    GMS 2 Tactics screen with waypoints for a manager game.

    I'm creating a manager game where a part of the game will focus around the creation of tactics using a waypoint system for the "players" you control. I've successfully experimented with making the "player" move from their starting position to a set of coordinates by letting them create their own...
  2. M

    GMS 2 mp_potential_step_object (with multiple objects)

    Hi all, Just a quick question hopefully. I have been working on my pathfinding system and so far everything seems to be mostly working. Sometimes my "units" are unable to find a path within the mp_grid I have setup and so I have them using mp_potential_step_object as I have no "Solid" objects...
  3. D

    GML A question about movement

    I was wondering about the different ways to do player movement in GML, many of the Game Maker tutorials from YoYo like breakthrough or space rocks have you use the key down event while on forums people say to use keyboard_check(ord()) instead so I'm curious if there are differences about the...
  4. Alloi

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Physics_Test_Overlap

    I have a parent object named oBlock. Then I have 2 children objects, one named oPlayer1 and the other oPlayer2. I am trying to have it so collision is detected if the other jumps onto their head. My issue is that when using "physics_test_overlap(x,y,image_angle,oBlock)" a collision is always...
  5. P

    GMS 2 If Statements Breaking Eachother (SOLVED)

    I am attempting to work through the code of making the Breakout Game before I actually open the tutorial and I've begun to notice an odd behavior. If statements are interfering with each other, and I can't for the life of me understand why. I've gotten all the rebound directions to work except...
  6. Stranger

    [SOLVED]Referencing variables from deactivated instances

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble pulling variables from deactivated objects. It could simply be a matter of order placement. I'm new to the community but have been working with GameMaker for a few years now. This is my very first post! I'm still rather unskilled with the coding. I'm making a...
  7. D

    GML Connecting Sprite to Moving Characters

    I am trying to connect a helmet on top of my player. This way I can change out the helmets for the player and not have to make a walking animation for each type of helmet. The problem I have is when the character moves the helmet slides to the side. I would just make it move both objects at the...
  8. M

    GMS 2 Can you make an "if and if" type of code (dnd)

    Might sound a bit confusing, but can you make something like this. If left not pressed, AND if right not pressed, AND if up not pres... e.t.c. In DnD please! Bit of a noob question. Whatever. (Edit: if you need more context don't be afraid to ask :D) (Edit 2: never mind figured it out)
  9. H

    Android Can't connect with 4G connection.

    Hi, I've trying around with networking system between Android and Windows. The strategy is this : Server.exe is in my computer and constantly running, then player (only Android app, not Windows) can connect to it. The connection with Wi-fi (in Android) worked fine, declaring Server side local...
  10. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How to find which tile at a position

    I would like to know what tile is at a given position. if (mouse_check_button_released(mb_left)) { //d is defined as depth of tiles var tile = tile_layer_find(d, mouse_x, mouse_y); if (tile != -1) { show_debug_message(string( tile_get_background(tile) ))...
  11. Adam Mansour

    Mac OSX Can't open GM2 after I had to shutdown my Macbook

    EDIT: It's solved. @Nocturne was right. It was just a server issue. Hey, so I try to open Gamemaker 2 but this is what I get: 1.) 2.) 3.) And after the 3rd screenshot, when I click on "retry" it throws me back to what you see on the 2nd screenshot. Haaaaalp XD EDIT: It's solved...
  12. M

    Windows Black Screen on Launching Game

    I've been trying to get used to GMS 2 after using GMS 1 for a while, and every time I try to test the objects I've made and run the game, all I get is a black screen. I've created the room, applied the sprite to the object, placed the object in the room and layered it accordingly. But no matter...
  13. JohnSebek

    Character dodgerolling code fixing

    Hi so, I have my character doing the dodge roll, but I have an issue. When he rolls he can go through the wall and get stuck. CODE OF MOVEMENT AND ROLLING IN STEP EVENT //Player Movement hspeed = walkingSpeed * (keyboard_check(ord('D')) - keyboard_check(ord('A'))); vspeed = walkingSpeed *...
  14. F

    Question - IDE Unable to Find Game!! Error

    I recently opened up GMS2 after not using it for a few weeks. I tried to run one of my old games and got the following error: Unable to find game!!: Comeon.win I looked online and found another thread which suggested I restart my computer. That didn't work. I then tried uninstalling GMS2 and...
  15. Chris Smith

    GMS 2 Persistent Objects De/Activation in Room Start and Room End

    Hey guys, so I've been doing a game jam, and naturally some stupid stuff got me all kinds of stuck for almost a whole day now. I've been finding little things because of this, but not making any progress. But I've gotten my main issue down to an issue regarding activating objects. So here's the...
  16. andulvar

    Legacy GM Solved! Determining attack quadrant (front, side, back)

    For some reason this seems like a simple thing, but I'm having trouble with an elegant solution. If I have an object facing a particular direction 0-359, and another object attacks that object I'd like to get the attack direction relative to the attacked object to be able to apply modifiers for...
  17. M

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Help with RTS style game - tracking "selected units"

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build a quick prototype game for learning purposes without the need for tutorials to encourage free based thinking, however, I have been stuck the last few days trying to find a solution to checking multiple units being selected and following mouse input commands...
  18. B

    GMS 2 [Solved]DoAdd :2: undefined value?

    hello, I am trying to set up a level up step event, I have a ds_grid I have added all the values to and use it to display the weapon stats I have called it eqip_inventory and is defined as global using globalvar. in the player step event I have some code: if (ds_grid_get(eqip_inventory,13,0) >...
  19. K

    GMS 2 How do I detect where an object is moving? (SOLVED)

    I have an "enemy" object with a point direction set torwards the player and I want to change the sprites attached to the object depending on if the object is moving up, left, down, et cetera. How would I detect this with the general direction it's moving isn't set on anything?
  20. M

    GMS 2 Error message in GM2 (new to GM)

    I followed along with a tutorial to create scripts for grid based movements, and have just tried to put place_meeting collisions in my move script. I am getting this error message. I was able to get collisions to work when the movement is not grid based, but this is posing a problem...