1. Trandoxiana

    SOLVED Initialize 2D array

    Hi, so I am what I am trying to do is create a 2D array to keep track of collectibles. I have one collectible per level and my game is divided into 6 "worlds", with four levels each. I thought the best way to keep track of which collectibles were collected would be to create a 2D array with the...
  2. Geners

    SOLVED Parabolic path between two objects

    I'm looking to find a formula that describes a parabolic arc between two points with a specified vertex. I have a card object that I want to arrive in a specific location but I want it to arc there. I thought about just using the normal polynomial form and setting the x coordinates of the card...
  3. YourGrandpa

    SOLVED create_instance_layer doubles the amount of objects

    Hey Gamemaker community, as the title says i struggle with the create_instance_layer, i made some kind of loop with a counter but as soon one runs trough is complete it doubles the amount of objects created by it which wasnt intended. Really tried to solve this on my own but i cant get my head...
  4. SophosMoros

    SOLVED Entering If Statement even when the If criteria is false

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why this if statement continues to execute even when it's false. I'm trying to reset a sprite animation when you first switch to it and for some reason it keeps entering the first if and holding the image index at 0 instead of it running one time when you...
  5. D

    (Solved) How to remove sprites/objects from room?

    I have a sprites/objects in a room that I cant double click or right click to remove it. Any advice?
  6. D

    (Solved) How to move X and Y position of sprite in Game Maker Studio 2?

    In the tutorial it told me to add the sprite to the object and then add an event called step. The GML code i used in the step event is x = x + 4; to move to the right but when i run the game it does not move at all. I'm not sure what you mean by drag and instance but i created an object and...
  7. Joe_La_Bricole

    SOLVED Create an SSL connection with GML

    Hello ! During the past few month (maybe a year) I've been learning about security over the internet. I'm now able to implement basic encryption through symetric keys : message (xor) key = encrypted And hash login : send salted and hashed logs over http and compare it with a hashed database...
  8. T

    GML Sprite not appearing issue

    I'm having an issue relating to my sprites / objects not appearing. My issue: I'm trying to create a new object, the code is all fine. I place it in the room but it doesn't appear in-game. Other existing objects appear perfectly fine. I had a slight hunch that none of my new objects would...
  9. kpenrose92

    buffer_get_surface took 5 arguments, now it's asking for only 3.

    Has anyone else had this issue? My own code, and according to the Manual, have buffer_get_surface( buffer, surface, mode, offset, modulo ) -5 arguments. After updating Gamemaker to 2.3.1 my game won't compile due to wrong number of arguments. In the description, it now has...
  10. GonerBits

    Graphics Game Resolution - is 400 x 225 acceptable?

    Here's my situation. (Tldr at the end if you don't want to read) I'm making a pixel art game, and I've decided the amount of detail / sprite size I'd like. However, when making game resolutions, I've got a bit of a conundrum. Making the game 320x240 at a 4:3 ratio with 20x20 tiles provides a...
  11. J

    sprite is not where its suppose to be [fixed]

    hi,i am making this heart system and i've been following this tutorial... so far this is what i have done: var xoffset = 32; for (var i = 0; i < global.maxhp; i++) { draw_sprite(HeartEmpty,0,xstart+(xoffset * i),ystart) } for (var i = 0; i < global.hp; i++) {...
  12. F

    Shaders HLSL Question About Sampling and Float Summing

    Hi all, I've been messing around with HLSL and ran into some issues with sampling. Before I describe it all I already know how to get my test shader to do what I want it to do, but I'm extremely confused as to why it doesn't work when I try to do it a different way and would really like to know...
  13. Avram

    Helping making more efficient code

    Hi all, Is there a more efficient way to write the following code? If the enemy is hit with obj_fire_up then the enemy's health (blob_health) is decreased. I have five frames of damage for it to cycle through (e.g. health at 50, move to frame 01, health at 40, move to frame 02, etc.) Thanks...
  14. Floria Garden

    Android [SOLVED] Asking for help to get app working on Google Store

    Hi Gamemakers! I am a novice when it comes to game making. I was soo happy when I completed my first game, but now I am in the dark. I can't get my app to work on Google play store. I am doing internal testing on Google play console and when I install it to test it on my device, my app is...
  15. D

    SOLVED what is the purpose of fraction dumping?

    i am totally new to programming let alone gamemaker studio 2 i am learning from shaun spalding's videos too. and i came across this code in his video. i think i know what the code does (it is to subtract decimal part of the number??). but i dunno why it is necessary. hsp += hsp_frac; //why...
  16. G

    Parent error, Space Mods tutorial

    Hello everyone, I am currently following the "space mods" tutorial series. At the moment i'm at the "Space Mods - GML - Enemy Factions (2/3) - GameMaker Studio 2" section. Here exactly : I have a little problem, when I try to shot, my ship freezes and what I shot stays in place. The...
  17. G

    Windows Can't save files?

    Hi! I've been forced to move my files to another PC (because Windows 7 is no longer supported). But i'm running into a very weird problem that I don't understand or konw how to fix. I have a screenshot of the problem that i'd like to add here. Is it using the wrong path? And if so, how do I...
  18. ricardo1996

    Need help with Android os_is_paused()

    Im trying to send a network packet. Just before the onPause() is called. Ive tried using the os_is_paused(), but it only executes the code upon regaining focus. Is there any function, or third party extension that can achieve such a task, is the task even achievable? or i must try to create my own?
  19. B

    SOLVED Is there a operation that checks multiple variables for an output?

    To further explain, I want to create a tree of options that checks multiple variables. For example, it checks 3 boolean variables named, a, b, and c. (true, true, true) would output a number (true, true, false) would output another number (true, false, true) would output another different...
  20. Tzunami

    GML [SOLVED] Trouble writing .wav file into buffer and playing it back

    [SOLVED]: buffer_write needed to use buffer_u8 instead of buffer_s16. Hi all, I'm having some trouble in a project I'm working on when it comes to opening a .wav file, writing it to a buffer and using 'audio_create_buffer_sound' to play the sound from it. My code successfully opens the .wav...