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  1. zendraw

    Discussion What i dont like about GMS2

    Im making this thread becouse of weird design choises from yoyo which hopefully theyll fix and make the IDE more adequate. for now: - when you double press on a text, it selects everythng after the text typer not before it, this is most alien to me and unnatural, litteraly no software i have...
  2. Kezarus

    GML How to clear a gmx solution

    Hi everyone! I was putting some sounds on my game today and (short story) I ended up finding a ginourmous amount of trash inside the Game.gmx extension. There a lot of things that I previous deleted. Fonts, sounds, sprites, even folders and included files. I tried to clear the solution under...
  3. F

    Discussion So here is what we know about the Nintendo switch

    According to youtube the Nintendo switch is just a beefed up android tablet modified to have removable hardware for analog sticks and dpad and buttons and triggers and a app which is behaving like a operating system launching only apps compatible with the switch removable hardware which also...
  4. C

    Windows [SOLUTION] Loop runtime installation.

    Hi everyone, Really, i dont know if anyone posted the solution before. But, i was in this situation until now. I was searching a lot in internet and no one "solution" (IPS problems) worked for me. Even the manual download of the runtime :/. Well, the solution was simple. Just run GMS2 the first...
  5. D

    [Solved] .net 3.5 on Windows 10: When everything else fails

    Disclaimer: Whatever you do, do it at your own risk. I take no responsibility, but I hope this will help you out. Game Maker might ask for .net 3.5 to run. There are a bunch of threads on Microsoft forums, stack overflow and other websites on the internet, that contain suggestions on how to...