1. Axl Trauts

    Collisions with solids: pushing on opposite direction and speed modification

    Hi, I'm having a bit of difficulty here. Before I start making a lot of conditionals in order the player moves I want to ask. In one of its forms, the player is a plane with an engine flame object in the tail that follows it. This is because if the player keeps moving left or right, the last...
  2. F

    Legacy GM Wall Sticking

    Okay so, whenever I walk into a wall (Going right) I end up going too far in and I think that's why I can't walk down or up unless I walk left and un-stick myself. I feel like this is an easy fix but no matter how many things I try I can't seem to figure it out. Solid: Chara (The parts that I...
  3. Dupletor

    Creating 3d models in 2d basic camera!

    [WARNING: You do NOT require knowledge around 3d manipulation to use this tool for 3d modelling, but you DO require knowledge about files manipulation and it is very limited to models that do not mesh with eachother.] I am happy to announce the open project for the modelling of basic 3d...
  4. muddrox

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Shader works wrong on Mac

    Hello, there everyone! I developed a shader that makes any sprite a solid color. It works wonderfully on windows. However, this shader fails to work the same way on Mac. On Mac, the shader effect produces a weird, staticy, rectangular effect over the sprites that are drawn with it. I have...
  5. M

    Discussion Solid should be really solid without checking in code!

    Hello, the checkbox "solid" is not implemented consistently enough for me. If I click on the box "solid", then it should also be the case that I cannot go through fixed objects without explicitly querying this (with "place_meeting" and the "move_ ..." commands). If you don't check the box, you...
  6. ArtCode

    GML Make the player stop before even using "move_towards_point"

    Hello, Thanks for your time for reading my question! So, the problem is this... I have a Player that moves with the click with a mouse. This is my code and it's working great: _speed = 4; mouseDistance = point_distance(x, y, obj_Dot.x, obj_Dot.y); move_towards_point(obj_Dot.x, obj_Dot.y...
  7. B

    Collision code glitch

    Can you solve this? The enemy can throw up to three arrows at the player at once, and the code in the normal step event for the arrow is something like this: if place_meeting(x,y,obj_player) { moveX = 0; moveY = 0; if direction >= 315 && direction <=359 || direction >=0 && direction <45 {moveX...
  8. G

    How to use alarms to make a platform that appears and disappears

    I know that i can make this by using the alarms but i dont know how, i want to make a platform that is visible and solid for about 1.5/2 sec then it disappears and then appears again, can someone help me ?
  9. A

    GML Does move_bounce_solid() negate other collisions?

    I have a ball that bounces off an object using the "move_bounce_solid(true)" function. When I'm using place_meeting and collisions events to change variables when the ball does bounce.. off that specific solid surface, these variables i need registering aren't changing. is there a conflict...
  10. R

    GML [SOLVED] Help Detecting solids

    Im doing a sideview platformer, trying to get the character to walk up a slope, but the issue im having with the place_free command, if im testing for collisions on the right side of the play, place_free(x+1,y) checks the entire players right side, from top to bottom, so i decided to use the...
  11. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Solid

    so i have object1 which is checked as solid, and object2 which is not. when object2 collides with objeect1, it runs this code if (image_alpha) { with (other) { if (place_free(x+sign(other.hspeed), y)) {x+=sign(other.hspeed)}; if (place_free(x, y+sign(other.vspeed)))...
  12. V

    Make surface solid?

    Hello, i have a top down game and surface. My player uses this code to move: //movement intput up = keyboard_check(ord("W")) and place_free(x,y-1); down = keyboard_check(ord("S")) and place_free(x,y+1); right = keyboard_check(ord("D")) and place_free(x+1,y); left = keyboard_check(ord("A")) and...
  13. B

    Passing through solid objects

    I know everybody says not to use solid objects in games but I did just to save time and now I regret it. I'm making a platformer game and I have a boomerang in it and it can't pass through solid objects like a wall but I want it to be able to pass through walls and anything. Pls help if its...
  14. B

    Character Floats Near Non Solid Objects

    [edit] To make things short, I have a problem where my character jumps normally everywhere except for in places where there's a non-solid object behind him like a torch. The character jumps just fine on solid objects, stands, walks , and even jumps with consistency except for when there's like a...
  15. W

    Legacy GM Collisions and collectibles not working

    Help - collisions stopped working when I upgraded I am using Gamemaker Studio (mainly drag and drop) - we recently upgraded to studio - and in the latest update object such as coins no longer have the same collision - the player has to jump on the object to collect it - whereas before the...
  16. A

    Legacy GM Turning solid on and off?

    I want to create a door that only my obj_player can pass through and not any enemies. How do I do that? Please explain things very easily. Explain as if I am 5 years old, because I am new to gamemaker. Thank you! My problem: When my obj_player runs through my door (obj_door), the enemies also...
  17. A

    How to make enemy follow path without entering solid objects?

    How to make enemy follow path without entering solid objects? Im new to Gamemaker. And im trying to make a little pacman game. I want my ghost(enemy) to follow a certain path and that it dont overlap/enter solid blocks. I googled and didnt find an answer, would someone, please, clarify? I...
  18. Z

    Legacy GM How can I run through platforms with a jump?

    Like in Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble And please be very specific if you don't know how to do it in Drag'N Drop. I mean: What Action, what Event, what is the function of each variable and stuff like that. Thanks by the way
  19. M

    draw_rectangle solid?

    is it possible to make a rectangle with the draw_rectangle function, that will be solid(like an instance)? thanks!