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    Windows Ayuda SOY NUEVO plataforma (pared) solida

    necesito ayuda para hacer una plataforma solida en un juego que al comenzar el personaje cae desde el cielo vaya al suelo. Ahí esta mi problema, hice esto. hice un objeto solido con el sprite de la pared fui al objeto del personaje inicial puse una condicional llamada si la instancia existe puse...
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    G A I N I N G E X P E R I E N C E

    ///Please take time to read this\\\ Hi I have been using gamemaker for ... long enough but I have always been asking people how to do this, and copying and pasting of other pre madegames in order to create the game basics and all that. You get what I mean. Sooooo.... I am creating a game in...
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    Free A M I T Y

    >>>><<<<<<< This is a game still under major construction however I have made the game playable through 7 levels. I still need to add highscores, pause menu and options on the main menu, Sound and such things however I have got...
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    GMS 2 How to jump through and then land on solid platform/physics on/off?

    The player should jump through a solid platform and then land on it. It should be possible with "uses physics" checked and unchecked. The platform is an object (not a tile) and it could be that there is another object on the platform. So it's no option to make the platform unsolid/solid at...