1. eimie

    Android Irrlicht Apprentice

    Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you to my little sokoban-like puzzle game, made in GMS 2: Irrlicht Apprentice. You can find it on Google Play: Story: You play a young apprentice, who is sent to the Shrine of...
  2. yvodlyn

    Released Sokoban

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a Sokoban game. The game will have simple graphics because I don't know how to draw. And, I use glow effects and neon effects to increase the beauty of my basic arts. Here some images about the games. let me know if these graphics are good. Thxt!
  3. B

    Need help making a door solid after block is moved off pressure point please?

    Hi, I'n relatively new to game maker and I am working on a top down sokoban project. I want to make a door that remains locked until a block is placed on top of a 'pressure point'. I have got this to work to and extent; the door is solid until a block is placed on the pressure point, I the used...
  4. P

    Windows NABOKOS | A Sokoban reversed puzzle game.

    Here's a short background: NABOKOS started out as a simple university project. A project that involved recreating the mechanics behind Sokoban, a game about being a warehouse man, pushing a series of wooden crates onto goals. The mechanics in Sokoban are incredibly elegant, forming what I like...
  5. R

    Android [Android] Blocks

    Blocks is an intelligence game, aimed at those people who want to challenge their own mind with incredible puzzles. The earth is abandoned to its luck since in all the bunkers and governmental administrations the nuclear energy has been used in an excessive way. The time has come to take...