1. appleWolf

    Discussion Software Engineering Interviews

    Hi all, I've been inactive here for a while, hope you're all doing well. I'm a master's student in computer science, but not because I particularly want to be. I was having a lot of difficulty in the software engineering job market when I only had my bachelor's degree, despite having a good GPA...
  2. M

    VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition, yes or no?

    I want to buy VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition from Steam, even if it costs a lot. I want to use it for hobby, or for making a trailer for a my future game. I choose Vegas Pro 16 because I think it's better. But first I want to ask you your opinion. Do you recommend me VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam...
  3. M

    GMS 2 Vector Sprites Maker Programs?

    Simple Question: Is there any FREE software that can make .SWG images for vector game maker sprites Help Thanks
  4. newtinn

    Documenting Software - dokted

    This is irrelevant, but it would be useful for others. I made a program recently that you can use to document/note down features you have added/removed from your game. For more look on the website: I hope you enjoy the program and it helps. Matt
  5. Type Ace

    GML GameMaker projects that aren't games.

    Hello, I think that there are some GMS users that use GML to create non-game software. Let's gather all of thoses people and their creations here, as a Log. Also, provide links of these projects (if possible) in case that someone wants to download them...
  6. GameDevDan

    Free SpriteStack - Make Pseudo-3D Models

    SpriteStack is a tool that allows artists to quickly test pseudo-3D models made with layered sprites. This is a method used in various successful indie games to create a cute 3D style without requiring the experience and tools to create a full 3D experience. How Do These Pseudo-3D Models...
  7. sv3nxd

    Windows [Version] Lime - PixelArtTool

    Hey there! My name is Sven and I just released a pixelart-software, which ist currently still WIP. I am an hobby artist and really liked the idea of having a pixelartprogram made by myself. [Why?] Well, I think it's cool to have a program where I can add things that I think are useful for...
  8. V


    PANCHAM STUDIO Pancham Studio is a work-in-progress video editor powered by GameMaker: Studio. The functionality is very limited at the moment, but it keeps getting updated constantly. Any feedback is much appreciated! :) I know bumping isn't a good thing but I really want to hear...
  9. Danilo Provenzano

    Sellng a game/app

    Does anyone have previous experience in selling a game in a place different than a mobile market? i know Steam requires the greenlight approval if im not wrong, and my question is simply i want to sell a program that gives you a license key when you buy it. I look up at humble bundle, but...
  10. K

    Promo Videos

    Hi Folks, Game marketing demands good demo videos, stills just don't cut it. Sadly I'm having a heck of a time getting anything to work. I was wondering what people are using for video capture? I've tried a few programs but I'm getting more blank files than anything (fullscreen games never seem...
  11. A

    Windows Pixy

    Pixy Pixy is a pixel art creation program made in GameMaker 8.0 using GML. Info Pixy is developed by Gsoft. It is free software to download and use personal and commercially. Features Flood Fill Pixy Dust Export Pen Zoom Eyedropper Dual Colors Save & Load Want to help? If you want to help...
  12. Karrlem

    GameMaker Music

    Hello everyone I was just wondering how you guys get/make music for your games, from software's used to how it is actually made.
  13. S

    Graphics Software for animating Pixel Art cutscenes?

    I'd like to know if there's some program that allows you to animate cutscenes with pixel art. I know of Aseprite but that's more so for animating single sprites not for a scene with lip syncing, multiple characters, moving cameras etc. Does anything like that exist of will I have to make my own...
  14. GooseNinja

    Show of your work with GifCam

    Hi, A few days ago I found a little tool called GifCam. And I really think every game dev should know about it. It's just a small tool that allows you to record gifs. It has some more features, but that's the basics of it. You can find it here: I hope...