1. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i clear async ds maps

    i have a server that use both udp and tcp and i saw that if i close and restart the server the async load socket dose not reset can someone tell me how to clear it thnx uwu
  2. SuperRonanCraft

    Networking - Making a Server List like `Minecraft`

    Hey there, I have gone into the Community Discord, I got some good help on there. But I want to see if I can open it up to some more people to see if I can wrap my head around TCP and UDP networking types. What I am trying to achieve is a server listing page where players, on their own client...
  3. D

    Weird Networking Problem

    Hi, I'm working on local multiplayer right now and until a few days ago, I've always been able to host or join a session with my prototype. But now I'm getting the following error: ioctlsocket failed with error: -1 Error (0x 2736): Could not set socket option I've already set my network to...
  4. Jihl

    GMS 2 Socket question!

    Hey there! I have an unusual question about sockets. Is it only neccesary to use the network_destroy function when I need to change a socket type? When should I use this function in game maker? Does it have any importance if I want to connect to different servers over the time? Thanks!
  5. R


    Hi, colleagues again. I need my mobile games (ios / android) to communicate in real time with my server in NODEJS. I plan to use SOCKET.IO but I can not find information about it. Do you know something about the subject? Thanks for everything
  6. Waldemar Lima

    GML Raw socket problem

    hello everyone ! I created a server using Java Socket, the game maker connects normally to it ... When I close the server manually, the code in the game maker should display the message "disconnected" and then close the game ... but that does not happen! screenshots of the code below...
  7. W

    UDP socket-port binding & broadcasting

    For a LAN game im working on, i have the following network setup: - client & host in 1 - both client and host have: UDP server, at port X UDP socket, at port Y so, X and Y are the same for everyone. Both parties are intended to be able to broadcast & listen to broadcasts, therefore a UDP...
  8. S

    Help with Multiplayer Online Game

    Hello everyone, I need help on how to make an online multiplayer video game. What technology is being used? If I use network_socket_tcp when I convert to HTML5 it works? What should I do to create an online multiplayer game. I do not know where to start.
  9. XirmiX

    GML Somebody PLEASE explain sockets to me and how to use them

    I've been told that I'm too inexperienced to deal with networking... fair enough, but right now I think I'm almost confident enough to make a basic connection between clients and a server, aside from one thing, and that being sockets. I just need to know how I'm supposed to store them on the...
  10. H

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] find socket of client that is sending data

    I'm trying to use async_load[? "socket"] for network_type_data, but it returns undefined every time however, async_load[? "socket"] works fine for network_type_connect and network_type_disconnect I simply need a way of keeping track of who the data is coming from please help!
  11. Z

    GML Networking: Clint Connection Problem

    Firstly i know little english. So do not look up for my mistakes. My problem is server can not connect to more than 1 client. My source that I use. I sendind packet to 1. socket from server. 1. sonket message is "Player 1", 2. socket message "Player 2". But send 2. socket result " ". 2. socket...
  12. A

    Networking Problem

    Hi! I need some help with the built in networking functions. I'm trying to send data from the server to the client. My code looks something like this: //Server side (async networking event) if (type == network_type_data) { clientSocket = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "socket")...
  13. S

    send_packet doesn't work in for loop

    Hello, I have a problem with the send_packet function, I want to loop trough an array and send a packet when a value is equal to 1. This is my code: ///Loop door de unit queue for(var i = 0; i < array_height_2d(global.unit_queue); i++) { if(global.unit_queue[i, 0] == 1) {...