1. Coded Games

    Distribution Appropriate places to share screenshots/videos of your game

    Hello all! So today I’ve been putting together a big list of social media places to share screenshots and videos about my game with a little more detail than “Twitter/Facebook/GMC” My primary goal is to find places where it is appropriate to share my game. I don’t want to be spamming random...
  2. X

    GML How to use the function "achievement_get_info "?

    once I specify the user's id ... Exactly what is returned in the social event?
  3. Smarty

    Opinion Anyone here using Mastodon?

    One day a developer got entirely fed up with Twitter. His issues with it were manifold, but essentially boil down to a lack of community building, a centralized authority, and a lack of control to prevent online harassment. And if you need to be convinced how clueless Twitter can be managed...
  4. D

    Issue with push notification

    Hi All, I'm trying to include push notification for my game, but when i try with sample code i'm getting the notification if the game is running in background and it is not coming when the game is completely closed. Can you please help me to get the push notification when the app is completely...
  5. H

    Job Offer - Programmer (Filled/Closed) Facebook Share/Log in on Android Game

    Hi Game Maker Community. I'm Fotis, an indie developer. I've made 2 games on GMS untill now and I work on my 3rd one. It is a Super Mario like platformer sidescroller. The game is almost completed (just to make some more stages), regarding the game engine, the graphics and the music. The only...
  6. clee2005

    Facebook_dialog no longer returning response?

    Hey gang, Anyone else notice that facebook_dialog no longer populates the response after the user posts? I'm on Android with Facebook extension 1.2.1 and 1763. It seems this was occurring before with Facebook 1.0.8 as well, although I didn't test as rigorously as I just did with 1.2.1. I...
  7. X

    Android Don't Blow Me Up!

    Hello everyone! This is my side-project that I have been working on for sometime now. the name is Don't Blow Me Up! It will release for android in a few days! So do keep an eye out for it! This journey is filled with lots of action; power-ups, and has original characters and story! There are...
  8. Mert

    Asset - Extension Easy Facebook Tools - Facebook Scores / Profile / Picture / Video Info / Page Loading

    Hi. I've just updated the Easy Facebook Tools extension. I renamed it from Easy Facebook Scores to Easy Facebook Tools. Profile Tools Added You can load user's profile picture, cover, id, name, biography and birthday; just by one function fb_profile_load() Score Tools Added You can retrieve...
  9. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL GMC Scrapbook

    We want to know the face behind the avatar, so post photos of yourself here and tell us a little bit about yourself too! In addition to the rules and guidelines that are applicable everywhere on the GMC forums, we'd also appreciate it if you didn't post images of yourself in utterly naughty and...