1. CodeManu

    Steam Guts 'N Goals - Soccer + Weapons

    This isn't your standard game of soccer. This is Guts 'N Goals, where soccer balls can be hockey pucks, and you use a bat instead of your feet to score goals. Choose from over 30 unique heroes and get ready to play the world’s game like never before! > Wishlist/Get it on Steam...
  2. T

    I need help with a basic card game - BEGINNER

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner to Game Maker Studio 2, I have made some basic games such as platformers and top down tank shooters in previous Game Makers to give you an idea of where I am up to in my experience. I am trying to make a game right now which is a card game which involves one...
  3. N

    Hi how do i make a player kick a soccer ball in dnd. I'm new to Gamemaker so i don't know much .

    I'm making a soccer game i placed the ball in the center and i can move the player very well but the problem is that my player goes through the ball instead of pushing it towards the other side goal posts and i also want to kick to ball when i go near it by pressing space. Thank you
  4. Chaser


    hi guys and gals, which you think is better, A or B? I think B, but be interested in what you think.:) The finished sprite sheet character will be 32x32 in size, give and take for animations.
  5. S

    Android Penalty Practice Pro [Free] [Android] [Game]

    This is a new penalty shootout game made completely with Game Maker. It makes use of GMS features to make a fun and playable experience. It features a unique (we hope) way of build shot power up by shaking the phone. There are then 2 modes for aiming the ball and scoring the goal. You can...
  6. mar_cuz

    Legacy GM Top down projectile

    Hi guys, I'm making top down game. I would like to make a projectile fly through the air and bounce when it hits the ground similar to how the soccer ball does in the below link. I have no idea how to make it bounce. How could I make it fly up in the air and then come back down and hit the...
  7. bryngylf

    Windows Soccer Mania - Are you ready to soccer?

    Do you have split vision? Do your brain halves agree? And most importantly, are you ready to soccer?! Control two players on different soccer fields simultaneously, one with each hand, in this frantic and free top-down soccer game from Intervoxel! Hook up two controllers and play against a...
  8. A

    Android Thumb Soccer: THE BEST GAME EVER (Android)

    THUMB SOCCER One finger arcade soccer action! Download on Google Store Play 1v1 against the CPU, play an endless mode, or play with your friends in two-player mode.Play to earn coins and unlock all the characters! -GAMEPLAY- Use your thumb to move the character, and tap with the other to...
  9. thom

    Free Car Soccer 2D [Android & iOS]

    Car Soccer 2D is a top down car football game with HD graphics and fun gameplay. Take part in 20 different tournaments featuring grass, ice, beach and street stadiums. Play with different balls, from a soccer ball to a hockey pug, tennis, beach, golf and bowling balls. App Store (iOS)...
  10. L

    Android Soccer Of Legends

    Hello, I finished my first game for Android: Link: Video: Soccer Legends of the newest Google Play football Manager, inspired by New Star Soccer and brasfoot. - 3 leagues (Brazilian, English and Spanish) with 4...