1. XanthorXIII

    GML Snippet Thread

    With the introduction in 2.2.2 with Snippets, I'd like to get a gathering of snippets going here to make scripting a lot easier for us. I'll start with what I came up with and if more people submit snippets, we can probably gather them into a text file and keep that updated here. Maybe do a...
  2. Samuel Venable

    Code Bank - share useful code!

    Similar to the VBForums code bank, we could seriously use one. Just a place to share and talk about useful code snippets, whether raw GML or stuff useful to build upon for native extensions. I'm only putting this in the advanced forum because native extension code is permitted to be shared here...
  3. xDGameStudios

     When creating Code Snippets |text| [NOT WORKING]

    In the manual says that when writing snippets using |text| makes it so that the text is "first selected".. what does this mean? If it means the text is selected and ready to be edited... I'm afraid it is no working :/
  4. xDGameStudios

     Custom Code Snippets [SUGGESTION]

    I realised the code snippets shortcut (F2) stopped working since last update (or the one before)... now the shortcut only lets rename the workspace... then this got me thinking... it would be awesome if we could create our own code snippets... code snippet for automatically pre-inicialize an...