1. G

    Moving to align with grid

    I'm creating a prototype for my next game, testing controls and everything. The whole scenario is a top down view divided in 80x80px squares, and I want the character to move straight to the area where the mouse presses and stay in the center of it. Once he gets there, I want him to stop and...
  2. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Having an arm "snap" depending on player position? (point_direction) [SOLVED]

    Currently I'm using point_direction() to have my enemy arms point in the direction of the player. While okay for right now I need to know if there is a way to use point_direction to have it snap in eight ways (90,180,270,etc) and still have it pointed at the player? var dir =...
  3. NeZvers

    GMS 2 Snap instance rotation in room editor

    Is there way to snap rotation at 45 and 90 degrees in GMS 2?
  4. F

    Help with Isometric Tiles and Grid Snap

    Hey guys, I'm having some pretty extreme difficulties with isometric tiling and understanding the best way to do it. The game I'm creating should allow players to create objects locked to an isometric grid. I'm working with a 2:1 ratio. My sprites have been drawn as cubes. The issue I'm having...
  5. I

    Question - IDE Dropping object in room snaps to grid intersection

    When dropping or painting (with LMB + ALT) objects into a room, the object snaps to the grid intersections. Also moving single objects snaps to grid intersections. However moving multiple objects (selected with LMB + SHIFT) moves the objects to the grid cells and not the intersections. This...
  6. R

    Physics Snap to Grid

    Hey i've been working on a little Terraria-like game and I was doing fine with snapping blocks to a grid when the player places them, but when i created an arrow object (which uses physics), i also had to make the blocks use physics, which makes them not snap to the grid anymore. I can't find a...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Tile Grid Placement (Want no snapping)

    Hello, I'm seeking to find out if it's possible to place tiles without snapping to the grid. When I un-check the snap option, it will still only allow me to place tiles that snap. Wondering if it's a bug or if I'm just doing something wrong...
  8. Necromedes

    Simple Answer But Can't Recall For 32x32 Mouse Movement

    I need to set the object to follow the mouse but always be snapped to the nearest grid. 32x32, 64, 64, 8x8, etc... I had this code long ago but no more. To clarify even more, I am placing walls, furnaces, etc... Objects in general and they need to be snapped to a grid BUT before you place...
  9. E

    Snap object to another object? [SOLVED]

    Hi, So basically the player is able to drag objects using the mouse. What I'm trying to achieve is; once the dragged object is close to another object, it snaps on top of it. I have working code for this... but the issue I'm having is when I have more than one of the objects in the same room at...
  10. Just a game programmer

    GML Tile collision/snap to grid

    I don't know which it is so that's why the title is like that In my game when the player presses space to dig a hole a tile appears. What I want to know is how to code that the tiles don't overlap when they are created. Thank you for your help.
  11. P

    Idea for an advanced snap to grid system help!

    Hello, I'll try to be as clear as possible: all I need is snap my player to a 32x32 grid when he stops moving. Using the normal function Move_Snap is not worth it because it ends up with a laggy and a malformed snap. So, basically i'm tryin' to make a Johnny Megatone remake, a game I used to...