1. L

    Drag and drop snake

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a drag and drop snake tutorial out there. I thought of an interesting prototype idea and I want to get it off my brain.
  2. sweep

    Followers (snake / earthbound like) ADDED CODE 22.11.2020

    HI Hopefully someone can help me. I am fairly new to Gamemaker so this might be an easy problem. I am looking to have my hero player save NPCs. Once they have been saved, they form a line behind the main player ( similar to snake or earthbound ). The game is basic zelda / rpg, movement, which...
  3. Let's Clone

    GMS 2 Snake Clone Tutorial

    GM Version: 2 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5 Download: N/A Link 1: Initial Project File: Link 2: Start Button for Part 3: Summary: Welcome to...
  4. Hammadin

    Windows Just a snake

    This is the first game I ever made with GameMakerStudio2. How can I use this forum to upload my game for other users? Thanks. HammadinThank
  5. MMM

    Asset - Demo Flexible snake

    This GMS1 / GMS2 demo shows how to create a classic snake game but with a bit more freedom of movement :)
  6. A

    Alpha The Wormery

    Details A 2D puzzle game where you will use a worm to navigate a variety of levels inspired by the classic snake video game. Game-play Choose from 8 worms that have a variety of different abilities. Complete puzzle levels. Collect resources to trade for coins. Spend coins on abilities. Use...
  7. Smiechu

    Free Snejk (with project files)

    I would like to present you my latest game! SNEJK I had only one aim creating this game. Make something with help of Game Maker Studio 2 that one could call a "finished game". So here it is! The name "Snejk" is a Polish spelling for English word "snake", that means Snejk is a classic snake...
  8. orange08

    HTML5 Surplus Snakes [Ludum Dare 40]

    Surplus Snakes is a snake game where every time you eat a pellet, a new snake enters the arena. Eat all the pellets to progress to the next level. Featuring music by Nicholas Short. Made in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The HTML5 port was furnished the day after the deadline. Play in...
  9. orange08

    Team Request Need a composer for LDJam snake game

    I'm a game developer and I'm looking for a composer to work with me on a snake game for the Ludum Dare Jam, which ends in 32 hours. Here's a very early stages gif of the snake game I have so far: This game is not going to be commercial of course, but any composer who works on it will be given...
  10. Still57

    Released Blocky Snake!

    Title: Blocky Snake Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Description The snake game of 1997 is refurbished with a little bit of color added to fit in your pocket. Eat your blocks, grow as much as you can, and score the highest amongst your friends! Game Features: - 5 difficulty levels - 2...
  11. H

    Android Tapeworm - My first game with 3 weeks of GMS for Android

    Tapeworm is a physics based reaction title that involves you dragging the head of a worm whilst the tail bounces around following. The aim of the game is to hit certain foods with the tail and avoid others while building up a fairly decent score. I picked up GMS 1.4 in the humble bundle offer...
  12. C

    Snake game help

    Hello! I'm following the game maker studio 1.4 tutorial on youtube for creating snake; however, I ran into the issues when trying to implement it on gm studio 2. The creation of my snake head works only for one iteration, afterwards, it will create the next (up to my length) in the same spot as...
  13. Thijs Hof

    Android Worm

    Download Worm Worm is a game where your goal is to eat apples and grow longer but watch out!, worm is realy sensitive, bump into yourself and its game over! Features Single Player Multiplayer, one device or LAN Speed selection...
  14. H

    Legacy GM Snake - finding other instances of same object [SOLVED]

    Hello! I'm trying to do my own version of Snake, I have watched and read a few tutorials but none uses a method that suits my needs, so I'd like to understand why mine doesn't work, and how I can make it work. Basically it starts with 3 parts, Head (the head), Snake (a body part) and Tail (the...
  15. G

    Free Snek

    SNEK is a remake of the classic snake arcade game found on older Nokia cell phones. The goal as most know is to collect the pieces of food while avoiding your own tail and the sides of the play area. Each time you eat a piece of food, your tail gets longer and there becomes less space to move...
  16. H

    [snake tail] [help ?] [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone, I'm programming a remake of "Snake". I divided the snake into 4 parts : Head, upper-body, body, tail. The upper-body follows the head, the body follows the upper-body and the tail follows the body, you get it. The head is only one block, as well as the upper-body and the tail...
  17. H

    Legacy GM Snakes moves right when sending the move left command

    I'm working on this practice project via tutorial which was published on Feb 15, 2013 Here's a link to it. Object Snake Information about object: obj_snake Sprite: spr_snake Solid: false Visible: true Depth: 0 Persistent: false Parent: Children: Mask: No Physics Object Create Event: execute...
  18. Thijs Hof

    Android Worm

    Download Worm Worm is a game where your goal is to eat apples and grow longer but watch out!, worm is realy sensitive, bump into yourself and its game over! Features Single Player Multiplayer, one device or LAN Speed selection...