1. RizbIT

    Send SMS via Third Party API from your app?

    Ok so you cant send sms directly from your app or request sms permissions. But can you have a button labelled Send SMS in your app, that forwards your message and number to a online free / paid SMS service which will then send the sms to that number? So your phone or doesnt directly send any...
  2. RizbIT

    policy update sms Another policy update from Google but from what it states i am assuming that we can not now ask for permissions related to sending any SMS from the app? In some apps i have a sharing section, where users enter their friends...
  3. D

    Android how to present a new way to game

    for the last couple years ive been developing a game...and maybe game is the wrong term...but stick with me for a minute. it's a text based game played through text msges. and yes I mean simple txt msges sent from mobile phones. what started as a bunch of tech wizardry that I was told wouldn't...
  4. D

    HTML5 Sending SMS message in url_open

    Hello, In my game, I have built buttons that when clicked on will use a url_open to read some SMS text. I'm having a very weird issue where it is opening IOS devices SMS systems, but it is not opening android SMS. This is my code : url_open("sms://?body=hello") Are there new ways to write...
  5. D

    HTML5 Copying text to clipboard for SMS Share Gamemaker Studio 2

    Hello all, I've been building a game that is playable on both mobile and desktop browsers, the issue now is I am trying to create share functionality on the games end screen. I have found useful extensions where I can push users to a social media URL, so that's not a problem. My main issue is...
  6. D

    Android [alpha] Dungeon Key, the Txt Msg Rpg [sms server]

    Dungeon Key explore a familiar world through a new medium. Android download: Dungeon Key is a text message (sms) based game server. you can play single player on your phone without text messages or press a single button...
  7. RizbIT

    account verification using SMS viable?

    ok users create account and email verification is sent to them, but problem sometimes sending email goes to their junk mail, is delayed or just isnt sent. so can you give option to verify account by sms? would it work? so you send the verification link to their phone number using there own...
  8. SirCumferance

    Question - General Custom SMS

    I am looking to make a custom SMS app, prefer it will only SMS to others that use the app. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  9. zbox

    Asset - Extension SMS Manager - Android

    SMS Manager- Android Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $9.99 Modules: Android Description: Send and receive text messages on Android using the user's provider. Functions include: Send an SMS to a phone number with one...
  10. D

    Job Offer - Programmer i need an sms android extension

    what I need is an extension that is triggered by incoming sms messages on an android device and to save the phone number and message in separate variables and the ability to send an sms message. essentialy an sms server. message me for details and with prices. thanks and have a good day. oh...
  11. D

    How to Get Device Phone Number

    Hi, how do I find the device phone number? Something like device_get_phone number; returns +15059...? I know its possible to find the phone number because there are paid extensions in the Marketplace that make calls and send sms. Thanks