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  1. Edwin

    [Solved] How to make a custom roundrect with own corner sprites?

    Hello, people. I have a question about draw_roundrect() functions that draws a roundrect, so I have a sprite with 4 frames that keeps images of all roundrect corners. It looks lke this: Every corner image is a seperate frame. So how do I draw a simple rectangle and just change it's corners to...
  2. matharoo

    GMS 2 Smooth Camera + Pan/Zoom [YouTube]

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6npeyqa27jj8tvv/cameras.yyz?dl=0 Links: Below Summary: A tutorial that covers creating a smooth camera and implementing panning and zooming. I mainly made this tutorial to let people know that they don't have to use...
  3. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE Interpolate colors between pixels - Change color

    Hey there! So, I have a question: I can remember older versions of game maker where it was possible to change the color used by the option "interpolate colors between pixels". I can see that by default the color is black, but how can I change it?
  4. Tiago Carvalho

    Android / Amazon Fire Help - Smooth Directions

    Good evening. I've been tweaking some smooth movements with a virtual joystick for Android. As is, the joystick allows you to control the direction of the player and works perfectly, but the character changes directions immediately. I've managed to make the player change directions smoothly...
  5. jujubs

    GML Best way to ping-pong object (SOLVED)

    Hey everyone. I'm currently working on an enemy for my game which moves down the screen whilst swaying left and right. I achieved this by making it spawn two other objects that sit beside it and send it flying to the other. This works, but makes things needlessly complicated, I guess. I can't...
  6. H

    Adaptive Rotation(Animation)?

    Hey, I am new to the software, using gm2, and I am working on a "press space dodging game" all the mechanics are pressing space. My question is, when I press space and it goes right, I want it to either play a sprite animation or rotate a static one to the right side, BUT if the animation or...
  7. J

    Smooth transition camera

    Hello, I have a problem. I have a big room of 3840*2160, and a view of 1920*1080 (at the top-left of the room), i want to make a smooth transition to the top-right of the room smoothly, when I click on a button. All of tutorials do this but with a view that follow the player,i don't follow...
  8. M

    Strange tile Seam with smooth-subpixel view

    Hi there. Im currently encountering a rather big problem with the view system in GM:S 1. Basically I set the views x and y coordinates to the players exact coordinates (number with one decimal) minus the view_wview[0]/2 and view_hview[0]/2 respectively... view_xview[0] = x-view_wview[0]/2...
  9. Misu

    3D Defining smooth normals on model

    I did a nice lighting system in 3D but my model's normals are flat instead of smooth. I'm drawing them with gm functions but don't know how to define the normals correctly. Can anyone explain how to achieve this?
  10. N

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Replicate smooth pixel art rotation as seen in photo

    So I made this game a while ago and the project file got deleted, I'm remaking it and in doing so unable to replicate this type of rotation: I don't believe it used interpolation because the pixels around it have no blurring at all. I saw in a post once on how to achieve smooth rotation of...
  11. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Collisions: 'Buttery Smooth' with hspeed, vspeed

    Greetings, I have attempted to implement the "Buttery Smooth Movement" wall collision tech blog project, using hspeed and vspeed instead of the single direction variable, with limited success; the object gets stuck in the wall. Would anyone have any tips on how to fix it? Nathan
  12. Stac

    Legacy GM Collision

    How to make smooth enemy collision with speed == 20 and friction == 4?
  13. TonyStr

    GML Smooth Camera in Pixel-art Games

    hey, im making the view settings in the room editors, and assign it to an object view that graduately moves towards the player. Of course, half pixels dont exist, so the camera movement does not appear smooth. Is there any way i can make it smooth? I'm upscaling the view with PixelatedPope's...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] How can I set up a camera that moves smoothly at sub-pixel increments?

    So I posted this on reddit, but I might as well post it here to see if anybody can help. Basically I'm trying I'm trying to make a small top down shooter game in which the camera follows the player and the mouse position similar to Enter the Gungeon(This is a unity game) or Nuclear throne in...
  15. Appsurd

    Asset - Demo Smooth scrolling on mobile devices

    Introduction This demo will show the functionality of the scripts and other functionalities discussed in the tutorial Smooth View, which you can find on YoyoGames's forum: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/smooth-scrolling-on-mobile-devices.19619/ This demo shows two scrollable...
  16. Appsurd

    Legacy GM Smooth scrolling on mobile devices

    Smooth scrolling on mobile devices GM version: GM: Studio 1.4.1804 Standard (2018-03-18) Target platform: ALL Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5091/smooth-view-example Links: N/A...
  17. Mandarieno

    HTML5 - draw_line is blurred *solved*

    I'm using the draw_line function to draw on a surfaces using the mouse as a pen. This works fine running the game on windows but running it in HTML5, the lines become blurry as if you are drawing with a brush in windows paint. I have this problem in firefox, chrome and internet explorer. Any...
  18. K

    Using "image_angle" for a loop cage pendant effect

    Hi guys! i have a new noob question... I have a jail sprite hanging on a rope. I want to code a pendulum movement loop. I've tried a thousand ways using "image_angle", but I'm able to do it :\ (i want a coder brain in my head! XD) It would also be great if the movement were smooth at the...
  19. Bingdom

    Smooth Text

    Hello GMC community! I have been trying to do a smooth text transition that will appear for each new wave. So far I've made the script to work, but the line of code makes the text jump halfway across the screen without starting from the left side. I understand why it does this but i don't know...
  20. Jordan Robinson

    Pixel-Perfect Smooth Movement

    Pixel-Perfect Smooth Movement Jordan Robinson GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will explain how you can easily make your player move smoothly (i.e. accelerate / decelerate) without any chance of juddering with small rounding errors that...