smooth transition

  1. FloresSottile

    Smooth fade in/out for background change

    I'm using GM 1.4 and I'd like to know if there's some cool way to change backgrounds by index without having them added in the room, because I'm trying to work with more than 8 backgrounds (which is how many one can add to the room) and my intention is to keep the same room for those...
  2. Bingdom

    Smooth Text

    Hello GMC community! I have been trying to do a smooth text transition that will appear for each new wave. So far I've made the script to work, but the line of code makes the text jump halfway across the screen without starting from the left side. I understand why it does this but i don't know...
  3. R

    Option menu scrollbars and smooth transition

    Hello, I want to make an option menu that when clicked on the arrow of a category inside the option menu it needs to dropdown and push the other categories down. Also if you look on the image it needs to be in a small box so I can't make a long room to fit all the space needed... 1) How can I...