smooth movement

  1. E

    GMS 2 GMS2 acceleration_to_point

    Alright, here's something I thought could be extremely useful IF I could ever figure out how to make it. A piece of code where an object moves from one point to another smoothly without just jumping to the co-ordinates. This is the base I'm working with. Any ideas on how to continue this? (I'm...
  2. Rukiri

    GML Creating Smooth Character Movement

    GM Version: GMS1.4, GMS2 *May work with older versions Target Platform: ALL Download: * This will be constantly updated, but the main code below should stay the same Links: Summary: In this tutorial you'll...
  3. D

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Player twitches while moving

    Hello everyone! Could anyone, please, explain how to make player move smoothly? By default it looks very bad, player twitches while moving X or Y and effect is increasing with diagonal movement. Sometimes I can even notice small changing of pixel color of the outline of a character. Black comes...