1. paulog

    Legacy GM Random terrain generator very slow

    Hello! I'm thinking about adding a random terrain generator to my game, so I created an empty project to test some codes. I managed to do something I like, but the problem is that it's somehow really slow. I'll atach the code I used in the end of this post, but basically: -There is a loop...
  2. Cyranh

    GMS 2 High FPS, but game is running in 'Slow-Motion'

    Hi everyone, I have a very generic question and very little info, but bare with me here. I've been working on my game for a long time, and it's became pretty big. I've done tons of optimization tweaks and rerwitten tons of code to make the game run smoother. Also, I've included graphical...
  3. Axl Trauts

    GMS 2 Getting into difficult terrain (slow down player)

    Hi, I want to alter speed of my player when entering difficult terrain, and return to normal (zero) when getting out of it. I am trying a collision check like instance_place but only works if I the player collides but not when gets out of the collision. Below if the code that works. I've tried...
  4. Appsurd

    Android [SOLVED] Game runs slow on Android, only in GMS2

    A few months ago, I decided to move to GMS2. Porting all projects was relatively easy, however, apps are not running smoothly anymore on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A8). I have tried to optimize the game as much as possible, e.g. by removing all compatibility scripts and implementing the...
  5. Vinsane

    Android Android Game Slows After 30 Seconds?

    Hi Guys! I have a strange problem where my Android game slows down after around 30 seconds? It's almost like there is a massive FPS drop which causes my sprites animations and anything on an alarm based setup to be slowed. Am I missing any important codes that you guys know to help improve the...
  6. G

    Compile Problem

    There was no problem before formatting my pc. After formatting, GameMaker started to compile too long. Every project is same. (GMS 1.4.9999)
  7. R

    HTML5 Laggy in HTML5

    The game runs perfect until I test it in the html5 platform instead of the "test" platform. In the html5 platform it seems like the fps is much lower, making it laggy. Does anybody know why this is?
  8. OfficiallyNerdy

    Windows Very Long Time to Run(F5) Project

    I had just recently bought GMS2 with the developer license and installed it on my desktop PC. An odd issue I have been having that I haven't been finding any solutions for is that when I run a project that I am creating, it takes a very long time to load. A blank room with one object takes...
  9. Shadow64

    HTML5 HTML5 Export Issues (Slowdown)

    For some reason I've hit this issue where when I export to HTML5, my game runs really slow. The thing is that it only runs slow if my room/window size is large. If my room/window size is say 1024 x 576, there's no problem. 1280 x 720? Instantly my frame rate is cut in half. I'm not using a ton...
  10. N

    GMS 2 Android Tap Detection slow.

    if (state=="play") { for(var i=0; i<5; i++) { if device_mouse_check_button_pressed(i, mb_left){ //you'd also place some other statements here audio_play_sound(snd_wing,1,false); vsp = -jSpeed; if (aniend) {...
  11. E

    Android game takes too long to load

    Hello, i'm working on a game for Android, my problem is that when i run it on Android it takes around 45 seconds to open (it shows the loading splash screen). The project has a total of 4 texture pages with around 800 sprites, around 20 wav sounds that are around 50 kb each, 4 ogg files for the...
  12. HW.

    Question - Account [SOLVED] very slow, CAN'T SHOP Marketplace either then..(basket)

    This is a feedback from me for YoYo web team especially for the marketplace and account websites. Today i want to do some shoppings on YoYo marketplace but it seems the purchasing basket there wasn't working smoothly and i failed to buy something. I TRIED it multiple times, more than 20x times...
  13. D

    Android [SOLVED] Response to touch haves delay

    Hi guys, I've been having this problem for a while now. The thing is that for example when I touch my screen to press a button that adds +1 to a counter It works fine but I have to wait like 0'5 secs to press It again. I mean that if I double click It doesn't detect the second click and that...
  14. NimNom1234

    Game runs extremely slow

    Hi. I'm having a problem in my game. If i spam the attack button, the game slows down to fractions of 1 fps. Help? Thanks :)
  15. J

    Question - IDE Compile Time Slower Than It Could Be?

    When I compile a game on the Mac Ide, It pauses a few times while compiling, even though it shows that it finished. Once at, Compile Rooms...finished. And another time at, Global scripts...finished. And at, Writing Chunk... STRG This adds at least 5 seconds to the compile time, even on...
  16. 1

    iOS Completely Random Slowdown Days after Compile!

    Back in August of last year I was having an issue on my iPhone 7 Plus.( I would play my game for several hours through multiple different play sessions and then all of a sudden (without starting any new builds or changing...
  17. Shadowblitz16

    Windows GMS2 Source Control Makes IDE Lag Very Badly

    umm idk if this is a known bug and if its going to be fixed soon but source control makes the GMS2 IDE lag very badly. its almost impossible to code because of the lag I would say it last about 2 whole seconds and happens every time I change the position of my text curser or change windows...
  18. D

    Question - IDE 1.4 Game imported to 2. FPS takes a huge hit.

    I've been seeing some users complain of lag after importing a 1.4 project to 2. The same has happened to me and I'm not sure what the issue might be. In 1.4 I spent a bunch of time optimizing my code against memory leaks and lag. My more recent updates there included getting it to run solidly...
  19. XirmiX

    Looking for someone to tutor me on Game Maker

    I don't know where to post this, so I thought I would post this in this section. I need help. My brain doesn't want to work well and I keep hitting walls that take ages to break through with a spoon (that's my talent with gml for you). I do understand a lot of the basics of programming and GML...
  20. henmartz

    Legacy GM My game runs very slow when playing in html5

    My game when I play it to html5 looks very slow, but when I play it on windows it works fine, why this?