1. P

    Check joystick/gamepad slot no.

    Hi. Problem: I'm having problems using 2 gamepads on a Windows machine, as Windows keeps switching their slot numbers. Is there a way to control this in GM2 rather than Windows? Background: I've made an arcade machine and added a laptop running Windows 10, where I have installed a game I've...
  2. Axl Trauts

    [SOLVED] loading equipment in hangar

    Hi all, I am trying to start with loading some equipment on my ship on a hangar. How should it work? Basically, the player has a ship divided in sections: Wing slot 1, wing slot 2, body, extra and special. The player starts buying those equipment from a shop and then load them on each slot...
  3. Kyrieru

    GMS 2 How do you refer to specific gamepad slots?

    When doing something like this; global.gp_up = gp_padu How do you refer to different gamepad slots? I can't find it in the manual...