1. ShaunJS

    GMS 2 GameMaker Studio 2 - Tile collision + slopes

    GM Version: 2.0+ Target Platform: All Download: Summary: I wrote a system for making a tile based platformer with arbitrary slopes and paired it with a big tutorial video that demonstrates the slopes part and how it works. You can download the base...
  2. W

    Design Friction vs Slope Force (includes demo now)

    I'm having a hard time trying to work out how these two things fit together. Maybe I'm overthinking this or even going about it wrong. I don't know :D So, in a standard platformer, if you're on a flat surface you have a specific friction value. But what if you're on a slope (in a line-segment...
  3. B

    Legacy GM Help with slopes

    Hi guys, I am working on a project in which contains slopes. I have watched the slope tutorial by Shaun Spalding, and it works pretty nice with a SQUARE-SHAPED sprite. However, in my game, there are two types of sprite: The run one and the jump one. The case is when I walk upstairs the sprite...
  4. Curial Lloses

    Asset - Project Updating Platformer Gameplay templates

    Hello there, we're working on clean and improved imports of our Game Maker Studio assets to Game Maker Studio 2 and Platform Gameplay Templates has been the first in our list. FEATURES A first template with basic gameplay mechanics for new devs. Move, gravity, collisions and dead On next...
  5. 2

    Tile Get at Pixel, Does it Find one if the Tile Pixel is Transparent?

    Does tilemap_get_at_pixel or the d&d equivalent find a tile if it checks in a transparent pixel of that tile or not? It would be fairly easy to have tile based slopes if it does not find one.
  6. Z

    Drag And Drop Help with Slopes in platformer

    I found this in a tutorial: If X-4 is collision free(Relative) [Jump to X-4(Relative)] else [If Y-2 and X-2 is collision free(Relative) [Jump to Y-2 and X-2 (Relative)] ] But it gets stuck some times and it doesn't work for the down way in the slope, just for the way up
  7. T

    [Solved] Need help with collision, use of position vs speed variables

    Hi there, i trying to prototype with some collision stuff and need some help to unterstand it... The Code works fine if i hit the objects just horizontal or vertical. But if i hit a slope diagonal, then i get stuck sometimes. The same when i hit a corner from a rectangle. Any advice? Thanks :)...
  8. LazyTomato

    Legacy GM Implementing slopes (and one-way slopes) on a smooth platformer

    (sigh... i've really been making a lot of questions here lately) So I've been trying to make a platformer engine with smooth movement and slopes for a future project I'll be making at some point. So far it's worked perfectly fine, blocks and collision work okay, and i got one-way square blocks...
  9. R

    Landing on downward slopes [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I hope it's in the right section. My problem is a bit of an old school one. I've recently tried to add slopes into my Megaman Zero engine. I can dash, walk and land on the slope moving upward and I can also walk down it, but when I jump downward along the...
  10. C

    Player Sprite Tilt/Rotate with Slope

    Im making a 2D Platformer and im trying to make the character sprite dynamically rotate/tilt with slopes, i searched for threads about this. The mayority of them sugested this code: image_angle = direction; The problem is this code wont work because im not using "direction" for my movement...
  11. Z

    Legacy GM Platformer engine(slopes) and how to use Applies to: Other

    I always make towers of Drag'nDrop actions to develop a good slope code.But his to hard and take to much time.How can I make an action who finds a collision free place between an specific amount of pixels? And whats mean "Applies to: other" can I use it to manipulate certain objects when...
  12. Ariak

    Legacy GM On Slopes and Grids II: Autotiling with 45° Slopes.

    GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Downloads .gmz: Summary: This tutorial expands on my previous one by adding slope...
  13. Z

    Legacy GM Platformer slopes and non plain floors and how to use "Applies to: Other"

    I want that when the player walks it finds for collision-free space to move in the floor.How can I make that with only a few actions?Previously I tend to check every location to make that.Like:If x4,y-2 have collision go to x4,y-3 and if x4,y-3 have collision go to x4,y-4. And what makes the...
  14. Ariak

    Legacy GM On Slopes and Grids: subpixel-perfect topdown movement and collision line without objects

    GM Version: 1.4.1575 Target Platform: ALL Download: Project GMZ File: Links: Pastebin Summary: This tutorial will feature a couple of scripts that will enable you to work with 45° slopes...
  15. C

    Slopes in top down game

    I'm working on a game with a top down view (like an rpg). The player can move anywhere on the map. The collisions for simple squares was not a problem. However making it for slopes has turned out to be a challenge. The code I'm currently using is this one: ///scr_player_colisions...