1. yashamatt

    GMS 2.3+ oneway platforms that are also slopes

    So I have been fiddling with this for a while now, trying to adapt my spaghetti code to allow oneway platforms that are also slopes. I am quite new to coding in general but I do have slopes and oneway platforms working properly in my side-scrolling platformer, however, my oneway platforms that...
  2. H

    GMS 2.3+ Question about Shaun Spalding's Tiled Slope Movement Tutorial.

    Name of the tutorial: Gamemaker Studio 2 - Slope Tiles for a Platformer In Shaun's Tile Slope Tutorial, he mentions (timestamp 2:06) that there is a limitation that you can't leave slopes ending halfway. He says the fix to this isn't too hard but I have some trouble with it. I am attempting a...
  3. Schtipadoo

    GML Big help with slopes, skate physics

    the ones not tagged with optional i can do so myself i would apprecieate all help of any kinds i wanna make a game about skating, the style of movement is gonna be similar to the 2d sonic games heres my character code ///create event //visual variables draw_xscale = 1; draw_yscale = 1...
  4. B

    GMS 2.3+ Trouble getting my head around tile-based Ceiling-Slope-Collision

    Hello everyone! I have tried for a couple of weeks now to get my platformer collisions to work properly in GMS2. I have followed both Mike Dailly's and Shaun Spaldings tutorial on the matter but they only ever create the floor Collision for sloped tiles, I need the ceiling tiles to work much...
  5. Z

    SOLVED collision_line algorithm different from draw_line?

    I can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong. The concept is a rectangular object navigating slopes (collision line). Im using draw_line to debug, but it "looks" like the collision line is off by just a few pixels, which is enough to throw off the whole system, but only in a certain quadrant. I'm...
  6. shoyguer

    GMS 2.3+ (SOLVED) Need help with Slope collision & Movement

    I want to make a smooth collision with slopes. I made that script but then it collides with the slope, this happens: I followed a lot of different tutorials and no one worked. It always make the player jump or climb this slow and pixel by pixel, which is very weird. Look at the following...
  7. H

    Need help with slopes in obj collision based platformer

    [URGENT]I'm using Shaun's platformer movement code and I'm able to jump and move horizontally. What I don't know how to do is add slopes and move up and down them so as to reduce the linearity in the game. This is the last piece I need to complete all the components I need for the game. This...
  8. VerdeBoss

    Slope inconsistency

    So I'm having a little problem about my slope inheritance code where players y position will follow through the assigned formula from each slope instances it collides on When the player follows through the terrain, player will get interrupted by issues such as "jumping five pixels up" upon...
  9. S

    Slope, tile collision, obj collision (help needed)

    How do I make tile collision and slopes work if the player is 32x32 while the tiles are 16x16? furthermore how can I design it to be functional with obj wall collision? I wanted to have slopes and stairs for my 2d platformer. I've been following Shaun Spalding's tutorial on tile collision and...
  10. LunarTaqq

    GMS 2 I can't seem to get my character to go down slopes :(

    I'm quite a beginner when it comes to Game Maker and mostly programming in general, so please understand if my questions are super basic. I am trying to create a platformer game. I have worked out basic movement, animation, and collision. The problem comes when I try to implement collision with...
  11. LunarTaqq

    GMS 2 I can't seem to get my character to work on slopes :/

    Hey! This is my first post here and I'm kind of a beginner so I might not know exactly what I'm doing. I'm attempting to make a platform game, and I am trying to be able to have my character run up slopes. The only kind of slope I want in the game is a 45 degree one, so I know I don't need to...
  12. Fulbo

    GMS 2 [Solved] Tilemap-Based Slope Collision Bug

    Hi everyone! So I'm working on a project to create a small Sonic engine, based on the guide written here: I've run into a bug (one they said I would) within the Solid Tiles section, particular the 'Slopes & Curves' part. I'm using tiles for my...
  13. CheatingPenguin

    GMS 2 Sonic-Like 360° Slope Movements?

    Hello! I'm trying to get my player object to be able to walk up and around slopes similar to how Sonic is able to run through loops. My player can currently walk left and right. I've tried implementing 360° Slope Movements onto my player object for the past 4 days straight but to no avail. I'm...
  14. CheatingPenguin

    Need Help With Platformer Slopes

    Hello everyone. I have a player object that is a square. It can move left and right, collide with walls, and jump. However, I want to add slopes. Currently, my Slope Object's parent is obj_solid. I want to figure out how to make the following code make the player look for a slope that is no...
  15. Edwin

    GML [SOLVED] Having some problems with slope movement and collision.

    Fixed by myself.
  16. R

    GMS 2 Spine + bbox does not react properly?

    Hi fellow-coders, I am running into a strange issue (at least it is strange for me) and hope that someone of you might recognize this and help me out. So far I think it might be a bug in GMS2 but yeah I just want to be sure :) I am using the following code to let sprites react to slopes...
  17. A

    GMS 2 [Solved]Need help. Collision with multiple objects in step event.

    Okay so I can't seem to find a solution that works so I might as well give it a shot here. Most of the code I used here is copied from some videos on youtube, and combined everything a bit to get the result I wanted. I wanted to make a game where you smoothly could move up and down slopes...
  18. NeZvers

    GML ds_grid collision slopes [SOLVED]

    As a material for tutorials, I wanted to give a challenge for myself and make a platformer with the bitwise calculation (no floats) and ds_grid. I want to avoid any loop and achieve it only with if. Regular block collision work like charm, but I wanted to push it further with slopes and moving...
  19. NeZvers

    GML Grid collision system with slopes (keep ignoring)

    EDIT: Thanks for help!
  20. J

    3D collisions on a race track using pre-determined nodes

    Hello :) Thanks so much to anyone reading this post. I've actively been programming and designing in GameMaker for about 7 to 8 years but I cannot recover my other community account so I've made this one to post my issue here. I'm currently designing a 3D racing game with models imported into...