1. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension Native CPU-Safe sleep() [WINDOWS+LINUX]

    Hi everyone, In order to solve another problem (high CPU usage on Ubuntu servers) I needed a way to safely sleep the game thread, without wasting CPU resources. I've made this asset now, and its available for free. So far it only supports Windows and Linux but the source is out there, so feel...
  2. Turkish Coffee

    Discussion Not enough sleep..

    Hello, Probably everyone had this problem in his/her life at least once. Not enough sleep.. I'm sleeping 6, 6,5 or 7 hours max. And I go to school after an hour when I woke up. So I sleep between 00:00-01:00 -sometimes change- untill 07:00 and go school around 08:00. The school finishes at...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Keep android screen awake?

    Is there a function or a method that anyone has use to keep mobile screen from sleeping?