1. ribbyte

    Asset - Scripts Say goodbye to ugly alarm solutions - literally write "execute in 2 seconds" or "execute every 10 frames" with this asset

    With our asset, this is now valid Game Maker code: That's what I literally wrote as code to make an image spin. Also, let's say your player is attacked and you want him to be invincible for one second - this is how you do it with our asset: Previously, you had a number of options, most of...
  2. M

    Tell me your sleep paralysis experiences

    Long time ago i woke up, and i heard someone in the closet saying my name 3 times, then i ran to turn on the light ( ̄~ ̄) Another one i had, is that i was sleeping watching the wall (sry bad english) and then i saw an arm above me, i thought it was my brother, i was gonna turn around to punch...
  3. DukeSoft

    Asset - Extension Native CPU-Safe sleep() [WINDOWS+LINUX]

    Hi everyone, In order to solve another problem (high CPU usage on Ubuntu servers) I needed a way to safely sleep the game thread, without wasting CPU resources. I've made this asset now, and its available for free. So far it only supports Windows and Linux but the source is out there, so feel...
  4. Misu

    Android Surface image gets glitchy when phone resumes from sleep mode

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask but im having technical issues with my surface. I can run and draw my surface perfectly but whenever my phone resumes after being in sleep mode from during my app session (or even when I leave the app and resume back when multitasking) the surface...
  5. J

    Text stops updating [solved]

    I have a project for school due Tuesday and have just run into a massive problem. I have a script that handles another script. The script draws text on the screen every interval, specified by the first thread (30 steps for each second, the default room speed). It does this by drawing the text...
  6. H

     IDE missing mouse input messages?

    I've been using GMS2 for a while, and one problem that's been bothering is the mouse input becomes less responsive the longer the program is open. I leave the program running for hours, over multiple sleep sessions (days if I could. I use Microchip MPLAB X and Microsoft Visual Studio as well...
  7. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 sleep function not working

    can someone help me with my sleep function? basically its supposed to wait one second times the value you give it. however it doesn't work. /// @description sleep() /// @param ms var _s = argument[0] var _time = room_speed * _s; for(var t=0; t<_time; t++) { /*Idle*/ }
  8. A

    Legacy GM A Modern Substitute for Sleep Function

    In the older versions of GameMaker (the Legacy versions up to 8.1), there was an action in the main2 tab of the object editor called the Sleep action which would have an object pause a game for a set amount of time based on milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Since Sleep is now among...
  9. csanyk

     GMS2 crashes when Windows sleeps

    When I sleep my laptop, after waking up again I find that GMS2 has crashed. I can file a bug report, but before doing so I thought I'd ask if there's any log file somewhere that would be useful to grab and upload.
  10. A

    Legacy GM Hit-Stop Effect/Sleep Function Substitute [SOLVED]

    UPDATE [25/09/2016]: Turns out the simplest solution to the following problem is to write a script function that compares the 'current_time' to a specified argument within a while loop. This way, the game is unable to process anything whilst the while loop is running, achieving the desired...