sleep margin

  1. angelwire

    Windows Vsync wait times out of bounds?

    I have a game that appears to be running fine but "Vsync wait times out of bounds - reverting to sleep based timing" shows up in the output log every now and then. When that happens the game starts stuttering. I fixed the stuttering by setting the sleep margin to 15. But the message is still...
  2. G

    Sleep Margin on Linux?

    Currently trying to make a headless dedicated server with GMS2 running on an AWS linux machine. I need it to perform GameMaker's collision functions to make the server more authorative (replicating these functions are incredibly difficult in other languages/engines). I'm very close, I've...
  3. Appsurd

    Android [SOLVED] Game runs slow on Android, only in GMS2

    A few months ago, I decided to move to GMS2. Porting all projects was relatively easy, however, apps are not running smoothly anymore on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A8). I have tried to optimize the game as much as possible, e.g. by removing all compatibility scripts and implementing the...
  4. T

    Question - IDE Low FPS with V-sync on

    Working with Game Maker Studio 2.1 on Windows 10 I'm working on the project and I have an issue with low FPS on Fullscreen mode with V-sync on. PC is capable to run the game in high frame rate. The game is set to run at 60 fps (room speed) and it does on the majority of computers. Strange thing...
  5. D

    Question - IDE What is Sleep Margin? Can it be changed on the fly?

    Hello! In any of my GMS2 projects, if I change the Sleep Margin config parameter for Windows, I get the following results: Sleep Margin = 1 ===> Game runs very slow. Crappy scrolling parallax. Almost no CPU usage. Sleep Margin = 10 ===> Game runs ok. No smooth scrolling parallax. Low CPU...
  6. G

    Windows Extreme performance differences between GMS 1.4 and GMS 2

    I have set up a test in both Game Maker Studio 2 and Game Maker Studio 1.4 which only contains a room 1024x768, 10 objects with an animated sprite (9 frames) and one object that draws the fps_real and the fps on the screen. I made that test because I have performance issues with one of my games...